Equinox P2 – Thanks for "Revert Configuration"

You know – there are some problems using P2, but today it was good using P2. After Updating to Mylyn 3.0.1 I couldn’t open the Task List View:

(s.a. Bugzilla 241524)

But this is no problem – with P2 you’re in luck: you can always revert to previous configurations:

Help | Software Updates | Installed Software | Revert Configuration

Find and select the configuration using Mylyn 3.0.0, hit Finish, restart Eclipse and you’re done. Thats all you have to do !

… all runs as before 🙂

Some asked why P2 doesn’t remove unused bundles – think its clear now: P2 needs them to be able to revert to older configurations. Did you remember the old days before P2 how much time is costs to fix an update disaster ?

Thanks P2 🙂 …I saved much time.

in german

One response

  1. What’s funny about this is that this time, revert configuration actually works with p2!!! 🙂

    In the past, the old UM was notoriously bad with its revert configuration functionality (i.e., bricking your Eclipse)

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