Eclipse Projects + OSX – some Tips

More and more developers are using eclipse under OSX. Here are two tips from my current experiences:
1. Never name an Eclipse Project *.service
A project name like my.namespace.something.service causes OSX to think its an OSX service and the Finder will show it as an OSX Service and not as folder:
Using right-mouse-click you can look into the “package”:
Last months it happens sometimes, that my *.service projects suddenly contain only 0 Bytes and the projects were empty. So I renamed all those projects.
2..DS_Store can confuse P2
Using the Finder of OSX to view folders and files from Eclipse installations causes the Finder to create .DS_Store files.
Suddenly I got on error while starting Eclipse (Bugzilla 247177). Reason was an unexpected .DS_Store file.
Using this command you can remove all .DS_Store files from a whole folder hierarchy:
    find . -name *.DS_Store -type f -exec rm {} \;
(Its always a good idea on OSX to make „.“ – Systemfiles visible, because many important Eclipse files start with „.“: .project, .classpath, …)

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  1. Hi,
    you should also avoid naming a project something.plugin because the finder shows it as a plugin bundle thing.


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