Books and Conferences for Eclipse Plug-in Developers

Here are my Top 3 of new published books I’m using in my daily work of developing Eclipse Plug-ins in a model-driven way…
  • OSGI Service Compendium
  • EMF – Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • eclipse Plug-Ins
… now I only have to wait for the announced books of RCP and OSGI/Equinox – developing ūüėČ
Yesterday I met Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel in munich and received one copy of their new ‚Äěeclipse Plug-ins‚Äú book. Because I couldn’t wait, I already had bought it two weeks ago. Now Florian Pirchner has luck, because he’ll get this one – think he can use it for his work on redView (Riena EMF Dynamic View).
Also good news for UI developers using Riena Ridgets: the integration / code generation from SWTDesigner will be better in the near future, Eric told me.
BTW: Who doesn’t know: Riena is read-to-go for version 1.0. Congratulation !
We’ ll also try to make it easy to insert dynamic SWT Components (generated from redView) into SWTDesigner.
Then you’ll be able to design complex views using a comfortable GUI Designer and also include dynamic Components (like adress fields, …) … of course including databinding, Riena Markers and more.
If you’re going to EclipseCon dont miss our session about redView:
And if you couldn’t make it or you want to know something more ¬†about the whole project – you can come to my session at¬†JAX 09 / Eclipse Forum Europe 09 conference ¬†– ¬†OSGI Experts Day:

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