eclipse stammtisch in frankfurt

tomorrow (2009-05-27) I’ll be at “Eclipse Stammtisch” in Frankfurt, organized by Compeople.

I’ll talk about

UI für Business Anwendungen – dynamisch und modellbasiert mit Riena EMF, UML und oAW

You know, I’m developing Enterprise Business Applications in the domain of ERP solutions.

UI is important, but most developers hate the boilerplate of code. I’ll demonstrate how redView can solve your problems if you’re going the model-driven way. Normaly generated UI is often not flexible enough, but redView survives design-modifications if UI was regenerated. redView also provides a WYSIWYG Editor to edit the generated UI with Drag’n’Drop functionality.

redView is Open Source (EPL), relies on EMF, Riena and Eclipse 3.5 Galileo. To get the full power and a complete tool-chain you can combine redView with Eclipse Modeling (oAW).  redView will be published soon.

If you’re not in Frankfurt tomorrow – I’ll also demonstrate at Eclipse Galileo Demo Camps in Munich and Stuttgart.

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