what a year of eclipse

friendsOfGalileojust renewed my Friends-of-Eclipse donation – couldnt believe that another year has gone.

the last months I contributed more bugzilla -entries and -comments then ever before while testing Eclipse 3.5 Galileo:

  • OSX Cocoa Port
  • Eclipse Riena (now part of Galileo)
  • PDE – esp. Target Platform
  • Equinox – esp. Declarative Services

Sometimes I was asked “ekke, why are you spending so much time to test Eclipse Milestones and report bugs ?”

Yes, sometimes its hard to do this as a Freelancer, but for me its worth to spend the time:

Without Eclipse and all the Open Source Communities around the Eclipse projects I couldn’t do my work as Software Architect and Developer of OSGI Enterprise Business Applications.

The first years I used Eclipse mainly as an IDE, then some RCP development and of course to do MDSD (Eclipse Modeling Project – oAW) – but now its also the platform of my business  applications:

  • Equinox as OSGI framework
  • Riena on client site and server site

Because I’m using so much Open Source Tools and Frameworks there will be also be some contributions to Open Source:

  • redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views for business applications)
  • open-erp-ware (some core parts of my ERP framework)

All the work to test Eclipse Galileo caused a short delay to redView, but it will be published (EPL) this month – open-erp-ware will come in the summer.

as a summary: it was a hard year, but with much progress and I have to thank all the teams answering my questions and fixing bugs I ran into.

Lets start a great new year with Eclipse Galileo. My next steps are some blog-series around PDE Target Platform, Equinox Enterprise Applications, Logging and also testing openArchitectureWare as part of Eclipse Modeling Project while moving my large project from org.openarchitectureware to org.eclipse.

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