eclipse galileo countdown

If you are a “Friend of Eclipse” like me, then you perhaps already have downloaded the newest Eclipse 3.5 (aka Galileo) –

otherwise you have to wait until june-24.


But I’m also still counting down the Top 10 of Ian Bull – curious what will be his Number 1 – Galileo feature – could imagine the decision wasn’t easy. Ian’s No 2 (Declarative Services) and No 3 (Target Platform) are also my favorites and you’ll here more about these in my blogs.

For me Eclipse Galileo has so many new and really useful Features, that its difficult to concentrate on only some of them – so I have decided to try a daily blog the next month describing how Galileo changed my way to work as an OSGI Enterprise Software Architect using Eclipse as an IDE and Runtime / Target Platform. These blogs will also be a continuation of my blog series.

There’s also hard work on redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views for Business Applications): flo is polishing the EMF Meta Models and I’m finishing the integration into a Riena – UI + Navigation – based RCP Application. Of course redView can be used standalone also. I presented redView at some Eclipse Democamps and “Stammtisch” and got a good response and I know some are already waiting for a first beta. Eclipse Galileo is there – Countdown of redView will start soon.

Last days I created some different “Look-and-Feel” for redView / Riena – Applications and because its Galileo – Time the User can select a Galileo – Theme


Then after Login:


there’s a Galileo Theme:


BTW: the main View is dynamically rendered by redView, based on EMF and generated by oAW (openArchitectureWare). The other areas around the View are also generated and based on Riena UI + Navigation.

Dont forget on Friday Galileo in Action – so I wish you all happy downloading and celebrate Galileo:



PS: there’s also another countdown for me: till today  9 of 10 Eclipse Riena Committers votet for my election as Eclipse Committer 🙂

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