[galileo] target platform – only plug-ins: in IDE ?

Part 11 of my Galileo Reviews around Target Platforms. An Overview of this blog series can be found here.

Target Platform (TP) – only Plug-ins

Eclipse as Runtime Platform contains many interesting projects:

eclipse rt projects

Galileo is out and so perhaps you want to try out some of the projects. Perhaps the first thing you try is to  use “Install New Software…” from “Galileo Update Site“:

eclipse rt galileo software site

Under the Topic “Eclipse RT Target Platform Components” some Runtime Projects as RAP or Riena are listed.

But you have to think twice before installing runtime software into your IDE – normaly they belong to the Target Platform. From previous blogs you know that you can easy create a Target Platform and install from a Software Site.

Riena warns you (TP only) TP == Target Platform.

If you try to install RAP, then after selecting and hitting Next you got an error “Cannot be installed into the IDE“.

Other projects perhaps dont warn you or give a hint.

Decide carefully:

  • is it something you need to develope inside your IDE (like some Editors)
  • or is it part of your product (runtime) and belongs to your target

Some software from Eclipse Runtime projects isn’t intended to be installed into the IDE – so you can expect unwanted behavior if you do it 😉

If you perhaps install all from Riena into your IDE:

eclipse rt install riena

dont wonder about confusing Toolbar:

riena tp in ide toolbar

or Menubar:

riena tp in ide menubar

Such things can happen if you mix Target Platform – only Plug-Ins into your IDE !

In this case its because you installed “Riena SD Samples”. You know from my previous blogs where’s the place to get informations about your running IDE:

About Eclipse – Installation Detailes – Configuration

riena tp in ide configuration

You’ll notice that many Riena Plug-ins in [Starting]  state should normaly only run from (Runtime) Launch Configurations. But the IDE doesn’t know about this, starts them lazy and adds unwanted items to your Toolbar and Menubar.

Riena and redView

But – as always – there are exceptions from the rules above.

per ex. redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views for Business Applications) belongs to both: the IDE and the Runtime and the IDE – part of redView depends on some Riena Plug-ins:

  • redView WYSIWYG Designer Editor is a tool and should be placed into the IDE
  • redView Runtime dynamically renders SWT Views of RCP Applications and should be part of your Target Platform

redView itself has three Features:

  • redView Designer (IDE only)
  • redView Runtime (Target Platform only)
  • redView Core (IDE and Target Platform)

In the case of redView we can use the Riena Core SDK and install this into the IDE. Do not install the SDK Samples !

(We’re working on a P2 profile for redView to make it easier)

I’ll talk about redView in my blog series about UI and RCP.

the next part of this blog series around Target Platforms will tell you “HowTo live on the bleeding edge

3 responses

  1. Hello Ekke

    Where can I get RedView, on the redview.org page I can’t find a download and I can’t checkout any source using “http://redview.googlecode.com/svn/”.

    I’m really interested in RedView since I’m working on a similar project. I would love to take a glance at it.


  2. Hi Ekke

    Thanks for the information.

    Yes, I think we actually work on a pretty similar project. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. We use almost the same technologies and I implemented your logging framework :-).
    We also use an emf based UI language to display and manage our emf business objects. That’s why I’m so interested in RedView, because our UI framework is by far not as powerful as RedView.

    I’ll keep reading your blog and wait for the first RedView beta :-).

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