[galileo] thx P2 + JBoss: easy Drools installation on Cocoa 64-bit

just read on Planet Eclipse, that JBoss Tools 3.1.M2 now supports P2 🙂

Did a quick and dirty test if I can install Drools in my Galileo Eclipse 3.5 SDK on OSX Cocoa 64-bit:

Opened jBoss Tools Download Site: https://www.jboss.org/tools/download/dev.html

jboss p2 download

Please select the first entry, the P2 Repo for all platforms and download.

Don’t unzip it.

From your Eclipse SDK installation Install new Software, add your downloaded archive file:

jboss p2 install add archiv

then search and select Drools:

jboss p2 install drools

Install and restart Eclipse – P2 handles all dependencies.

Here are the Drools Views 🙂

jboss p2 drools views

Open Preferences – Drools and create a new Drools 5.0 Runtime.

jboss p2 drools runtime

Create a New Drools Project with Examples:

jboss p2 drools create new project

Test some Editors and Views and Run the Examples.

jboss p2 drools example ruleflow

Hint: To run the Examples add the org.eclipse.jdt.core to the classpath of your project.

Thanks to P2 and thanks to JBoss itsw now very easy to install and update Drools into Eclipse.

BTW: you’ll here more about Drools as Rule Engine in my OSGI Enterprise Application in some weeks.

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