[galileo] openArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse Modeling Projects (oaw5)

After finishing my galileo-reviews around Target Platform I’m starting a new blog series “HowTo migrate from oaw4 to oaw5“. oaw5 isn’t a product at this time, but I’ll use this as synonym for all projects from oaw now under eclipse umbrella.


Galileo was the first release including openArchitectureWare projects. From my last blog series you know Galileo also includes first time Riena. Two frameworks my OSGI Enterprise Applications rely on are now part of Galileo 🙂


Here’s an overview where you’ll find the components of openArchitectureWare now:


For users of oaw4 its not so easy to find all the well known components of oaw like Workflow, Xtend, Xpand, Xtext, Check. They are now in different Eclipse Modeling  Projects:

  • EMFT contains oaw Workflow
  • M2T contains Xpand, where Xpand now includes Xtend and Check
  • TMF contains Xtext

This means there are now three different Newsgroups to follow instead of one oaw forum. To make it easier to get it all and to get support if there’s something ‘overlapping’ or simply to talk with other ‘oaw’-users a new Eclipse Working Group is available:

oaw – Workinggroup at http://www.eclipse.org/workinggroups/oaw/

There are plans to have an oaw-distribution as an easy-to-start-point. You can install all from your Galileo Updatesite or download a ready-to-go distribution from Itemis. I’ll talk about installation in detail later.

From my POV this is a great step forward for oaw and will help to grow the base of users and developers.

I’m using oaw since some years and dont want to miss it – now all is under Eclipse umbrella is a good feeling 🙂

Perhaps you can imagine that its not so easy to migrate oaw4 projects to oaw5, so I’ll blog about my experiences moving projects using mainly UML2 and EMF.

There are some other migration reports available and more will follow, because oaw allows you so many different ways to use it, that each project has specific solutions and problems.

Its a good idea before porting huge projects to prepare it for the move and  to clean some things up – then its easier to locate problems.

As always: I hope that my reports are of some help for others and if you have questions feel free to add comments.

An overview of this blog series will be found here.

5 responses

  1. What about the wonderful and very promissory Generic Editor ???

    Is it going to be dropped?
    Will it evolve? (hope so …)

    • Hi Kai,

      great that you like it…

      I’m not using the EMF Validation Adapter – I would ask the oaw-workinggroup or M2T Newsgroup


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