[galileo] Install oaw5 (Xpand/Xtend, MWE, Xtext)

openArchitectureWare WorkingGroup at Eclipse

openArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse Modeling as part of Galileo release. This blog series reports my experiences to migrate a huge oaw4 project. This is part 5  – you’ll find an overview of this blog series here.

oaw4 means openArchitectureWare 4.3.1oaw5 means MWE (EMFT) + Xpand (M2T) + Xtext (TMF) – more infos at oaw WorkingGroup.

Install oaw5

There are different ways how to install oaw5:

  1. Download from Itemis: you’ll get a complete Eclipse installation together with pre-installed oaw (0.7.1)
  2. Install Eclipse Modeling EPP: this is good if your main work is model-driven and incudes also a complete Eclipse installation. Xpand, Xtext, MWE SDK’s are included. (But attention: this is 0.7.0 .- you have to update to 0.7.1)
  3. Add oaw5 to your existing SDK Installation: in most cases you already have your Eclipse installation configured and you want to add oaw5.

This blog describes 3. Add oaw to your existing SDK installation. This is the way where you have the most work to do, but on the other side you’ll see where it all comes from.

Pre-requisites: You have installed an Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) SDK. In my examples I’m using the SDK OSX Cocoa 64-bit you can download here. (If you’re running into problems with Cocoa and 64-bit – I already wrote about this here in this blog entry.)

To get the latest oaw5 SDK’s (0.7.1 at the time this blog was written) you need the following Update Sites:

install oaw eclipse add software sites releases

Help -> Install New Software… from XPand Releases (M2T) – http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/updates/releases/

install oaw eclipse install M2T XPAND SDK

Help -> Install New Software… from MWE Releases (EMFT) – http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emft/updates/releases/

install oaw eclipse install EMFT MWE SDK

Help -> Install New Software… from Xtext Releases (TMF) – http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/tmf/updates/releases/

install oaw eclipse install TMF XTEXT SDK

If you’re using Xtext then its also a good idea to download some non-Eclipse-IP-approved software.

Help -> Install New Software… from Xtext ANTLR (not IPapproved) – http://download.itemis.com/updates/milestones

install oaw eclipse install TMF XTEXT ANTLR

You’re ready !

oaw5 is installed: Xpand, MWE and Xtext.

Check oaw5 installation

At first we do some checks if all went well. You should find the oaw5 Wizards for Xpand, Xtend, Xtext, Workflow:

oaw5 project wizards

If you play something around, you’ll notice that the files have the same extensions as used by oaw4 (.xpt, .chk, .ext)

oaw5 project wizards mwe

The extension of workflow files changed from .oaw to .mwe. You can still open your old .oaw files, but I’ll change them all in my projects.

To check if all works well, its a good idea to test this now:

New -> Other… -> Xpand -> Xpand Project, check “create a sample

Please note that src-gen directory is empty.

Under src/workflow you’ll find a workflow file “generator.mwe“.

Right-click on this file “Run as… MWE Workflow” should generate 2 files into src-gen.

xpand sample project src-gen

If you run into errors like “Class not found” the sample doesnt work as expected: please search Bugzilla 283942 – there you’ll find a correct workflow to download and you have also to add some dependencies (Comment #3).

oaw5 Eclipse Preferences

The formerly openArchitectureWare named preferences are now Xtend/Xpand preferences:

oaw4 preferences–> oaw5 oaw5 preferences

Important: If you’re working with UML and EMF together, then the order of metamodel contributors is important: UML2 profiles MUST be the 1st one.

Hint: At the moiment of writing this these preferences are NOT automatically set if you’re using the New Xpand Project Wizard. (See Bugzilla 284019)

optional: Install CDO Runtime (redView)

I’m working with redView models for M2M (create emf models for dynamic SWT views from uml models) and so I need these two plug-ins from redView:

  • org.redview.model
  • org.redview.model.extensions.riena

redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views for Business Applications)redView has a dependency to CDO:

redview model dependencies graph

so we have to install the CDO runtime (found from your default Galileo Update Site)

install cdo

please watch: you have to uncheck “Group items by category

optional: Install Ecore Tools

Because I like to open ecore diagrams using Ecore Diagram Editor, I also install Ecore Tools:

install ecore tools

Now the Ecore Diagram Editor is available:

redview ecorediagram

Installation of oaw5 is done

Now its time to import your old projects. In previous parts of this blog series I already talked about my refactorings in old oaw4 to prepare the move. The next blogs will talk about what you have to do now to make your old oaw4 projects run under oaw5.

6 responses

      • You wrote: “and you have also to add some dependencies (Comment #3).” So I consulted the bug in bugzilla and tried to add the dependencies to the Plugin Dependencies but it seems to be read only. So? Where do I add them?

      • aaahhh you mean the sample project.
        you can simply copy/paste the dependencies from the bugzilla into the MANIFEST.MF

  1. After updating to Mac OS X 10.6 I found that my copy of Eclipse with XText pre-installed stopped launching the runtime workspace. I’m now up and running again thanks to these instructions. Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

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