[galileo] oaw5 (MWE + Xpand + Xtext) HowTo communicate now ?

openArchitectureWare WorkingGroup at EclipseopenArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse Modeling as part of Galileo release. This blog series reports my experiences to migrate a huge oaw4 project. This is part 10  – you’ll find an overview of this blog series here.

oaw4 means openArchitectureWare 4.3.1oaw5 means MWE (EMFT) + Xpand (M2T) + Xtext (TMF) – more infos at oaw WorkingGroup.

Now after you made your oaw4 projects run under oaw5 some questions arrive:

  • where’s the oaw5 forum to get support ?
  • howto report bugs ?

In the old oaw 4.3.1 days it was an easy one-stop at: http://openarchitectureware.org.

oaw5 projects at eclipse

Now oaw is at Eclipse, but not as an oaw -project – its split into different projects from Eclipse Modeling:

oaw5 Forum == 3 NewsGroups

There’s not “The Eclipse Forum” – instead of this each project has an own NewsGroup where you can discuss your questions.

There’s a good entry for Newcomers at: http://www.eclipse.org/newsgroups/:

eclipse NNTP home

There are 3 Newsgroups for oaw5 support and informations:


Please be aware: these Newsgroups are like a container for all the projects contained. There’s much traffic per ex. inside the M2T Newsgroup.

You should filter the relevant entries if you’re only interested into Xpand. If writing a Newsgroup entry you should always include the project in the header, per ex:

[XPAND] my xpand problem....

This makes it easy to filter the entries. (Unfortunately some clients like Thunderbird have problems filtering Newsgroups)

Perhaps soon there will be something like an “Eclipse Forum” where you have access to all newsgroups with a nice interface.

watch Bugzilla 284281.

Bugzilla (Bug Reports)

If you have to report Bugs, then carefully choose the right project:

bugzilla EMFT MWE

bugzilla M2T XPAND bugzilla TMF XTEXT

It’s a great idea to use Mylyn inside your Eclipse to manage the Bugreports.

Eclipse oaw Working Group

Because the whole is more then the sum of its parts and its also important to have a one-stop-page for people searching oaw at eclipse,

there’s a new oaw Working Group here: http://www.eclipse.org/workinggroups/oaw/

oaw wg at eclipse

There’s also an extra Newsgroup for the oaw – workinggroup. If you really don’t know where a question belongs to, then use the working group – or if you want to meet other oaw – users this is the right place.

There are so many great products at Eclipse Modeling – some providing similar things, then its not easy to know what works good together: the oaw working group is one example of successfull combining projects from Eclipse Modeling.

oaw4 support

I know – not all projects can migrate soon, so – if you need support for oaw 4.3.1 you can still use the old Forum at http://openarchitectureware.org but expect that from month to month less people will be there.

The next blog entry is the last of this blog series and will give a short summary of my migration story.

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