[galileo] run oaw5 (EMFT – MWE) workflows

openArchitectureWare WorkingGroup at EclipseopenArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse Modeling as part of Galileo release. This blog series reports my experiences to migrate a huge oaw4 project. This is part 9  – you’ll find an overview of this blog series here.

oaw4 means openArchitectureWare 4.3.1oaw5 means MWE (EMFT) + Xpand (M2T) + Xtext (TMF) – more infos at oaw WorkingGroup.

Now if you carefully did all needed steps its time to run the workflows.

Run Configurations …

It’s nearly the same as in oaw4, where you had oaw – Run Configurations…

The workflow files are renamed into .mwe and so are the Run Configurations… :

oaw5 mwe run configurations

Because of the name – changes your old oaw4 configurations are lost. But new mwe workflow configurations are automatically created for you if you run a workflow using right-mouse-click on your MWE workflow file: Run AS … MWE Workflow:

oaw5 Run As MWE Workflow

Dont forget to adjust the VM arguments:

oaw5 MWE VM arguments

the defaults are too low for large workflows ! I prefer:

oaw5 vmargs edited

Performance executing workflows different between oaw4 and oaw5 ?

I made many runs of different workflows using oaw4 and oaw5. From my experiences I noticed:

  • workflows with heavy manipulating of UML2 models run nearly the same speed
  • workflows mainly manipulating EMF models and only ‘reading’ UML2 models run significantly faster: 30% – 50% faster
  • switching from Java 1.5 to Java 1.6 under OSX Cocoa 64-bit slightly faster: about 10% (I tested this only under oaw5)

My hope was that also UML2 processing runs much faster under oaw5 – will do some more tests which parts are slow. (of course I’m using cached etc)

Problems with FeatureConfigs ?

oaw4 FeatureConfig was not migrated to oaw5 – please read in this blog what to do.

Problems with logging ?

Xtend, Xpand, Check have Require-Bundle – dependencies to org.apache.commons.logging,

Xtext has a Require-Bundle dependency to org.eclipse.xtext.log4j – a bundle wich itself exported log4j packages.

So you are lost if you’re using another logging framework 😦

I opened bugzillas (284714, 284715 and 284716) requesting to change this and use Import-Package instead.

Problems reading UML2 with Profiles ?

If you are  in trouble with UML2 + Profiles models, then perhaps you run into a problem using MWE EMF Reader

(see Bugzilla 284464)

Same code generated from oaw5 compared with oaw4 ?

Using the XMIReader as workaround (see above) inserts some (harmless) into EMF models after M2M:

deltawalker compare redview

the blue marked (xsi:…) code was not in oaw4 code.

To compare the code its easy with DeltaWalker (an Eclipse application) to compare whole folders:

deltawalker compare folder

finally the generated code was the same 🙂

deltawalker compare

Problems exporting MagicDraw EMF – UML2 – XMI ?

perhaps you dont have the newest mweplugin_api.jar ? see also in this blog.

Debugging oaw5

There’s a Bugzilla about problems using the Debugger: Bugzilla 283076.

Still problems ?

I hope that my migration guide helped you to successfully migrate your projects from oaw4 to oaw5.

If you still have problems use Comments for your questions – they are enabled on all entries of this blog series.

If problems remain or you need help – you know I’m an Independent Software Architect and its my profession to help others to have success 😉

Non – technical stuff

Uaing oaw4 it was easy – there was one http://openarchitectureware.org homepage where you found all what you need including a forum.

Now you have to learn where to find all parts of oaw5 at Eclipse Modeling Projects. This will be the Topic of the next blog and the last one will be a short summery.

3 responses

  1. I wrote that running oaw workflows under Java 1.6 (OSX Cocoa 64bit) is slightly faster,
    but I had to return to let them run under Java 1.5, because the MagicDraw Export Component has problems to run under 1.6.0 64bit,
    even if I’m setting the JavaVM in MD Export properties to 1.6.0.
    The MagicDraw team is working on that issue – I’ll let you know what happens.

    This is independent from Eclipse – my IDE is running under 1.6.0 Cocoa 64bit


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