[helios] Eclipse 3.6 EPP for Windows 64-bit

Today the EPP Downloads for Helios (Eclipse 3.6) Milestone 3 are ready to download.

thanks to the EPP team – this makes it much easier to try out the next Eclipse Helios.

Since Galileo there are also downloads for MacOSX Cocoa – 64 bit, but there’s no direct download for Windows – 64 bit.

I’m running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (under Parallels Desktop 5 on OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard) and I know that there are many other developers also trying to run 64-bit on Windows 7.

At first be sure that you have the JDK 6 in 64 – bit – if not you can download it from

eclipse-win-64 6 download jdk 64

Then it’s easy to use EPP Packages on Windows-7 64 bit:

1. Download SDK Windows 64 bit (eclipse-SDK-3.6M3-win32-x86_64.zip) from here

2. Install and start as usual

3. Add New Software Site for EPP


eclipse-win-64 1 updsite epp

4. Install New Software and select your EPP Package (per ex. RCP)

eclipse-win-64 2 install new sw rcp

5. Next -> Finish -> Restart and you’re done 🙂

Eclipse EPP RCP on Windows 7 -64 bit

eclipse-win-64 4 epp rcp

If you’re wondering about the Look of Windows 7 – there’s a new option “Use Mac Look” since Parallels Desktop 5 to make your windows look like osx 😉

eclipse-win-64 5 parallels maclook


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