on the road again (e4 – xtext – cdo – emf – runtime – redview – …)

eclipse democamps and modeling days and runtime days, so it seems there are many projects “on the road” again 😉

Eclipse E4

tom schindl with e4 http://tomsondev.bestsolution.at/2009/11/11/e4-on-the-road/



xtext developers http://blog.efftinge.de/2009/11/xtext-tour-dates.html



CDO with Eike Stepper at modeling days in Toronto and New York

Ed Merks at Modeling Days http://ed-merks.blogspot.com/2009/11/do-it-better-with-model.html

eclipse runtime rt

eclipse runtime – Jeff McAffer – http://eclipsesource.com/blogs/2009/11/09/eclipsert-days-and-democamps/ and Chris Aniszczyk http://eclipsesource.com/blogs/author/zx/ around the world


redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views for Business Applications)

and of course also redView – Riena EMF Dynamic Views (not only) for Business Applications is on-tour

http://redview.wordpress.com/ in munich, karlsruhe, frankfurt, vienna, hamburg



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