dynamic EMF SWT Views (not only) for Business Applications

…back from the redView – “RoadShow“: Eclipse Democamps in Frankfurt, Vienna (presented by Flo) and Hamburg – also NightSchool at W-JAX and OpenSource Expo in Karlsruhe. This time the Eclipse Democamps were all crowded: the winner was Hamburg with more then 110 attendees.

I like the Eclipse Democamps: see what happens in other projects, always learning something new, interesting discussions… and of course later in the evening meeting friends and drinking some beer. Thanks to all the Organizers, Sponsors and Eclipse Foundation to make these events possible. For me as a self-employed independent Software Architect its an easy way to get in contact with some hundred developers from Eclipse universe living in my country 🙂

It was great to demonstrate redView at Democamps and its good to see how many developers are interested to learn more about this project. We’re finishing some final steps to prepare the launch of a first beta of redView this month. Really: otherwise I have to spend a bottle of good redwine to Christian Campo and I would prefer to get one from his wine cellar 😉

redView Slides with audio available

Some asked me to publish my slides from redView – presentation, but these are “Zen“-like, so I added audio and uploaded as movie at Vimeo –

You can watch the slides here.

The slides are only one part of the redView demonstration: there was always also a “live demo” part. So I created some screencasts:

Screencast: First Steps with redView’s WYSIWYG Designer

Click here to view the Screencast at Vimeo.

A simple example about redView Designer Editor, Outline, Properties and how to change design by Drag-n-drop, Properties or from Outline.

The real power behind redView is the combination with openArchitectureWare (Eclipse Modeling: MWE, Xpand/Xtend, Xtext) if you generate your redView Views. Together with Eclipse Runtime (Equinox, Riena) you can even generate a complete Riena RCP Application with UI and Navigation. With redView Eclipse Modeling meets Eclipse Runtime: its a perfect association.

Screencast: Live-Pushing of Design-Changes into running RCP Applications (using CDO)

Click here to view the screencast at Vimeo.

In this screencasts there are two (generated) Riena RCP Applications running: one under OSX, the other one under Linux Ubuntu. Then inside the IDE the UI Designer makes some changes and these are pushed live into the running RCP Applications. This can be very useful while testing new Views together with the business departments. Thanks to CDO the EMF SWT Views are stored on a server anywhere so all can be done a distributed way.

Screencast: redView’s Visibility Processor

Click here to view the screencast at Vimeo.

redView provides Visibility Processor, Visibility Desriptors and Visibility Conflict resolver. This is an example with nested Views to design Associations with Superclasses. Imagine a Driver who drives a Vehicle. Vehicle is an abstract class and this could be a Car or a Truck.

In your SWT View you need the fields of Car or Truck displayed inside a Composite. Imagine how much code this would be and see how easy you define it using redView.

redView at EclipseCon 2010 – redView and e4

Curious to see what will happen at EclipseCon – there are already some discussions how to get redView under Eclipse Umbrella. redView will also be a perfect addition to e4 – we’ll provide next year redView as a ViewPart for e4 workbench.

If you like redView and want to see more, then please comment and vote for my Submissions at EclipseCon 2010:

Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications

– a short Talk (25 Min)

Modeling meets Runtime: In 2 Hours from your Domain Model to a running RCP Application together with UI Designer

I promise: you leave the session with a running RCP Application, the redView UI – WYSIWYG Designer and Views stored on a CDO Server.

BTW: there are also submissions about PDE + Cool Views from Target Platform and Logging in OSGI Applications 😉

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