Enterprise Eclipse Day @ JAX2010

This year I’ll moderate the

Enterprise Eclipse Day

at JAX 2010 conference in Mainz, Germany

All sessions on this day will be in english, so if you plan a trip to germany, perhaps its a good idea to mark the first week of may in your calendar. There are some special days at JAX2010:

  1. Monday: Eclipse Modeling Day
  2. Tuesday: Eclipse Platform Day
  3. Wednesday: Eclipse Tools Day
  4. Thursday: Enterprise Eclipse Day
  5. Thursday: OSGI Day

These are the sessions selected for the Enterprise Eclipse Day:

We’ll have a great start of the day with Chris Anisczcyk: An Introduction to EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi

This talk will introduce people to OSGi and Equinox using the Toast example from EclipseRT. Toast is an example application meant to demonstrate a wide range of EclipseRT and OSGi technologies. It operates in the telematics and fleet management domain. Telematics is the integration of telecommunications and informatics as in car navigation and infotainment devices. A typical telematics system interfaces to the devices in the vehicle and provides a user interface for interacting with or managing the devices. Toast is an example of using Equinox and OSGi Services, Declarative Services, extension points, applications, HTTP service and so on. Attendees will learn how to use and extend Toast to learn more about EclipseRT technologies.

Enterprise Applications have to persist data, so the next session will be about EclipseLink.
Shaun Smith and Doug Clarke talk about: Building OSGi Applications with JPA in Eclipse

Eclipse Galileo’s Java EE distribution provides a complete JPA development and test environment for OSGi by bundling the EclipseLink runtime along with the Dali Java Persistence Tools, Plug-in Development Environment, and Data Tools Platform. This session walks through the development of a simple OSGi JPA application using Eclipse Galileo and highlights how the integrated tools are used together.

Eclipse Riena is a framework from EclipseRT to ease the development of Enterprise Applications.
Christian Campo presents: Eclipse Riena 2.0

This talk gives a short overview over the Riena framework with the emphasis on its UI concept. While RCP was clearly made for the Eclipse IDE, Riena emphasises a new/different UI and navigation concept based on existing RCP technology. Riena has a clear separation of M V C and helps avoiding boilerplate code and the resulting application is easier and intuitive to understand.

As next I’ll present (together with Florian Pirchner)
Enterprise Business Applications UI made easy with redView

Learn how to avoid writing boilerplate of code for good looking UI of Business Applications. We’ll demonstrate live: generate SWT Views from your domain model, design these Views using a WYSIWYG editor and run them in a Riena application together with Navigation and CRUD functionality. Tools and Frameworks are used from Eclipse Modeling (MWE, Xpand, UML2, EMF, CDO) and EclipseRT (Equinox OSGi, Riena).

Enterprise Applications more and more have to support mobile devices.
Lars Gentz presents How To use PushServices via BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server)

A short overview HowTo design and develope EclipseRT Enterprise Applications with integration of BlackBerry Smartphones. Setup of Eclipse IDE with BlackBerry IDE PlugIn, Overview of new Java Version from RIM, Use of Simulator, Deployment and Pushing Events and Data from EclipseRT to BlackBerry Devices.

An important part of developing Enterprise Applications is the Build System.
Karsten Thoms will demonstrate: Building Eclipse Applications with Maven Tycho

Setting up builds for Eclipse Applications is a complex and error prone task. Maven Tycho is an extension of the well-known build framework Maven which brings support for building Eclipse Plugins, Features and Applications. This session demonstrates how a full automatic build with Tycho is set up and integrated into a CI environment (Hudson).

(update: overview of the special days, updated some abstracts, also now with the Riena logo I missed before)

From my POV this day is a great demonstration how Eclipse can be used in Enterprise Applications.

But as next I couldn’t wait for EclipseCon 2010 😉 curious if  one of my submissions will be selected

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