redview – first snapshot online

This week we published a first snapshot of redView – so if you want to take a look, here it is:

We have added much documentation to and there are many example projects to import into your workspace to see how redView works. But there’s also much work to do: we want to provide detailed documentation and screencasts for each example and the installation process isn’t user-friendly at the moment: P2 Update sites are missing. So it’s much work until march…

…to present at EclipseCon a Tutorial how to “Create a RCP Application with Navigation and Dynamic UI Components“: three hours hands-on with redView and red-open Software Manufactory. It’s on Monday from 9am – 12am – perhaps a good idea how to start your conference 😉

Next week we’ll also publish a first snapshot of red-open Software Manufactory.

Using red-open you can generate the Ecore View models for redView. There are also defaults available to generate SWT Views with dynamic redView – Components or you generate a complete Protoype Application from your domain model.

red-open provides defaults how to generate the view and how to decide which UI element should be choosen for a specific data type.- so its easy to start.

Recently we also added a Mockup data generator, so you can test the Views already filled with random data:

To get this View model (.redview) generated from an UML model, you only need to execute this M2M transformation from your Xtend workflow component:

List[elements::RBase] umlToRedview(uml::Model model) :
        .defaultTransformationOfClassToRedview() ->

To get SWT Views generated together with Beans, Mockup-Data, plugin.xml with Extensions to eclipse.ui.views / redView viewstore / Riena imagestore, even correctly named icons etc you only need to execute from your Xpand Generator workflow component:

// we get a list of RBase, where each RBase represents a redview View model
// we generate Beans, Mockups, Enums, Views, IDs, plugin.xml
«DEFINE Root (uml::Model model) FOR List[elements::RBase]»
	«EXPAND DefaultGenerateViewsAndBeansFromUML::Root (model) FOR this»

red-open’s cartridges provide an easy way to start, but you’re free to overwrite or extend them or to use AOP. …or to ask for consulting 😉

If something’s ‘rough’ at the moment, please have in mind the work was done from me besides my job as independent software architect and from Flo in his spare time besides his regular job. As we started the work two years ago we couldn’t imagine that our vision of a dynamic generated UI would become such a complex project published as Open Source (EPL). Originally Flo only wanted to help me with a Customer project.
…have fun with redViews snapshots – we’ll publish new snapshots each week. at the moment we provide plug-ins with source – in some weeks you’ll also get access to the sourcecode repository.


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