updates on DVCS Git/EGit and Mercurial/HgEclipse

while blogging about DVCS (Mercurial and Git) inside Eclipse using Plug-Ins (EGit and HgEclipse) I noticed some problems – thanks to the teams of EGit and HgEclipse I had to update some of my blog entries 😉

(just updated this blog because of another fix: HgEclipse Push to… with more comfort)
Here are some of the issues fixed:


Now you don’t have to enter pathes to repositories manually, because there’s a file browser:

You also now have access to previously used URIs. (I updated part 2 of my series)


I already blogged about “how to install your own remote ssh mercurial server on ubuntu“. There was only one step missing you couldn’t do from inside Eclipse using HgEclipse:

to create and init a new repository on your remote ssh server.

Thanks to the HgEclipse team fixing Issue 1024 :

Now you can initialize remote Repositories even on your own remote ssh servers:

just another issue was fixed (Issue 11019):

Team … Push… now always remembers all locations, where the last used was displayed above the dotted line and all other known repositories below.

these are good news: working with distributed version control systems inside Eclipse becomes better from day to day – so don’t wait to try it out.

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