redView at EclipseCon

Modeling meets Runtime

Monday morning 9 – 12 am Grand Ballroom

On monday morning from 9 – 12 am at EclipseCon you can start with a redView Tutorial: “Modeling meets Runtime“.

This Tutorial spans from Eclipse Modeling: EMF, UML2, openArchitectureWare (MWE, Xpand / Xtend) to Eclipse Runtime (Eclipse Riena, Equinox).

At the beginning the redView project only uses UML as Domain Model – the last weeks we worked hard to also provide XSD and EMF (Ecore) as Metamodels. Together with a large customer project we got it run. So we really can use Ecore at the Tutorial, too 😉

We extended our Example projects to make it easier to start with redView.

Some days ago first time I got a screenshot redView’s dynamic EMF Models running on RAP:

After the Eclipsecon we’ll also extend redView to become a ViewPart for e4 – would be cool if redView ViewParts can be used from Tom Schindls e4 Workbench Model Editor.

Another big change happened last weeks: we’re now using EMFStore as our default EMF Repository.

If you followed some screencasts and demos from last months you know we used CDO to store redView View models and to push changes into running Applications. But there’s one big problem (at the moment) with CDO to be used in our special case: the missing support of model-evolution. We must be able to enhance the Metamodels of redView and all stored redView – EMF – Views should still work as before.

To make this clear: This decision doesn’t mean that EMFStore is a better repository – it’s another kind of an EMF repository. CDO is a great Framework and it wasn’t easy for me to make the phonecall to my old friend Eike to tell him about our decision. But – redView – doesn’t use some of the powerful CDO features like lazy loading or using different Databases as backend. We have many small, but deep models (one model = one SWT View) and these models must be loaded at once. Also: redView is well organized in Features and Plug-ins and – if CDO will support model-evolution at some time – there can be two alternate implementations. No door is closed 😉

Using EMFStore all our requirements works well – enhancing metamodels doesn’t matter: existing model instances can still be used. Curious how it works ? come to the Tutorial. If you’re working with SourceCode Repositories you’ll understand EMFStore soon:

Working with a central EMF Repository is only one part of our Tutorial:

we’ll go through the whole way from a MetaModel over transforming the model, generating code and testing the generated Views in the IDE using redView’s WYSIWYG Designer Editor and running in an Eclipse Application, designing while running and live-pushing changes etc.

If you want to prepare for the Tutorial: please read here about the Workshop:

But we also have USB Sticks and hope that the Wifi is fast enough to let P2 fetch from Eclipse Server’s.

Fortunately the workshop originally was planned for 120 min and we got 180 min – so there’s extra time to get the configurations done.

If you already downloaded the first snapshot of redView in february – now its much easier to install redView: we have Features and Upatesites and so P2 is our big friend.

see you all at EclipseCon and on Sunday evening at the bar.


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