Urgent: Helios M6 Updatesite: Problem with RAP in IDE

The last days – where we wanted to prepare our workshop-tutorial – we fighted against RAP-Ghosts in the IDE.

At first it happened while using some Riena Plug-ins from our redView Designer – we found out that Riena now supports RAP and has some optional RAP dependencies. You can read about the whole story here: Bugzilla 306972 – p2 installs optional dependencies (unwanted).

While the P2 and Riena Team were trying to find the reason why P2 installs those unwanted Dependencies, I found a solution for redView and was happy: I simply modified the 3 Riena Plug-ins and removed dependencies to RAP – then we put these bundles together with the others we needed from Riena into a Feature and included into our  Updatesite. Now we don’t had to add the Riena Updatesite and P2 couldn’t found those RAP dependencies. To find out the reasons costs us nearly 2 days.

Back to the work to prepare our Tutorial – all seems to be ok. Then I got an email that our preparation of the workshop doesn’t work. Again: installed a new Eclipse from SDK, added needed Upatesites and installed redView. Think I can do this now while sleeping so many times the last days I did new installations 😉
And now again: RAP was installed in the IDE. If you work with a new Eclipse, then install from updatesite and RAP comes into IDE, you couldn’t open new Views – so no plug-ins or Plug-in Registry Views work. Again installed, but this time no restart – then you can open Views and inspect plug-ins –

yes, it happens again: RAP was in the IDE:

Inspecting the configuration: no RAP was installed in Software or Features:

Looking into Plug-ins configuration: RAP was there

Inspecting the References of RAP from Plug-ins View, we found a reference to one Plug-in using Package-Import of org.eclipse.ui. We changed this, created our Update Site new and did the whole process again with a fresh Install. Same happens….. And after restarting the IDE – again the same as before: couldn’t open a View. Inspected again all RAP Plug-ins but there were no references to Plug-ins outside rap namespace.

Solution: Delete RAP Plug-ins from Filesystem

I know, you never should do this, but in this case you have: go to /eclipse/plugins and delete the five rap Plug-ins from plugins folder !

Restart Eclipse and you’re fine. (At the moment I dont know if they come back after some updates through Update Site, but I know what to do 😉

Who’s guilty ?

I don’t know – from following Bugzilla 306972 I know that P2 and Riena are testing and looking for solutions. Why the hell suddenly – some hours ago – it always happened that RAP cam into IDE ? We changed nothing – now I remembered one blog from today about Helios M6 RCP and read about: “Another addition that I recently made is the RAP tooling. … I am not entirely sure if one needs both in one package, maybe RAP needs to go into its own package, but so far I think both technologies  complement each other.”

Maybe that’s the reason that RAP now comes in through RCP package ?

You want to reproduce ?

Then add new software and only choose the last one (http://ekkes-updates.de/redview) and select all without the “!!RT ONLY!!:

Let P2 do the work and you’ll get RAP into the IDE.

Hello EclipseCon

Its 3am – in some hours the flight to SFO starts and last days the needed work for the Tutorial couldn’t finished. Some hours ago I thought I have to cancel the Tutorial because no Update from Software Sites works. Now found the solution and it goes on. So excuse me if not all went so smooth as expected – or better: perhaps the Organizers find a way to switch the slot of the Tutorial 2 days later ? I’ll ask.

But one thing will be true of course: meet me at the Bar in Hyatt on Sunday evening.


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  1. We are sorry to hear that you had so much trouble and so few sleep.
    We can reproduce what is describde in bug 306279 (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=306279). This is clearly a bug in p2, as the RAP runtime expresses a fake dependency on “A.PDE.Target.Platform” and therefore should never get installed into the IDE. The whole story is covered by bug 276000 (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=276000).
    As a workaround we found that deactivating the Helios repository in the “Available Software Sites” preference prevents p2 from installing the RAP runtime.

    Regarding the the “guilt” of EPP,
    please note that it is the *RAP Tooling* that was included in the RCP packages which shouldn’t be confused with the *RAP runtime* (mentioned above). There are no dependencies between the two. We tested the “Classic” package and the “RCP” package and there was no difference.

    • thanks for confirmation.
      I know that withput using the Helios Updatesite it works,
      but originally all our stuff was using the Helios Updatesite and we needed this.

      we finally ended puzzling all the things together and configuring a big local updatesite.
      this finishes yesterday – so I couldn’t start on sunday afternoon with the work preparing the tutorial, what I originally wantet to start on wednesday/thursday 😉

      but the great news: I learned much more new things to resolve 😉

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