eclipseCON – my last two sessions today

redView – Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for Business Applications

today is your last chance to get informations about redView (

redView makes Buisiness UI Design easy:

  • SWT Views as EMF Models
  • WYSIWYG Designer Editor
  • dynamic rendering of the UI at Runtime
  • live-pushing of design changes to running applications using EMFStore Server

redView Views itself can be generated using red-open ( software manufactory

red-open is using openArchitectureWare (Eclipse Modeling MWE and Xpand/Xtend) technology to generate redView View models from

  • UML
  • Ecore
  • XSD

You cannot only generate the views, you can also generate

  • SWT Views
  • Mockup-data
  • Prototype applications
  • Riena RCP Applications
  • localization – properties
  • and more

I’ll demonstrate red-open also in this talk.

If you’re interested please come to Room Winchester today 1:30pm

Logging in OSGI Applications

In the same room 2:30 pm I’ll talk about Logging in OSGI applications. If you’re developing Enterprise Business Applications and are confronted with 3rd Party bundles using different logging frameworks (Log4J, SLF4J, Commons-Logging, OSGI LogServes, Equinox extended LogServices) then perhaps I can give you some tips how to solve this.


2 responses

  1. Hello Mister,

    so I have some questions and I hope to have answers.

    I want to recover the OSGi Log object for display logs on my console eclipse and then display them on a jsp page.

    Haw can I access to Log OSGi bundle via the JMX’ Object MBeanServerConnection?

    Haw can I find the LogReader Service?

    Is there another way to logging OSGi with a distant Object?



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