eclipsecon: target platform – cool views to inspect your plug-ins

EclipseCon 2010 is three weeks ago and at last weekend I published slides (with audio) of the first from my four presentations. (need some time – had to do some work at customer project to make the money I spent for the trip 😉 remember I’m working as a self-employed independent software architect.) Slides with audio from the other presentations will follow soon.

EclipseCon 2010 Session 1089: “Target Platform: cool Views to inspect your Plug-ins” was a short Lightning Talk. Feedback from the voting system: 20 with +1, 4 with 0 and none with -1.

◊ Do you know the difference between “Plug-ins” view and “Plug-in Registry” view ?

◊ Do you know Neill Bartlett’s “Bundle Monitor” ?

◊ Do you know about graphic visualization of Plug-in dependencies ?

…if not here are the slides with audio from vimeo:

eclipsecon2010: TargetPlatform – cool views to inspect your plugins from ekke.
(best with HD on and scale off)

hint: if you’re living in germany – there’s my Target Platform Series at Eclipse Magazin (2.10 – 4.10)

3 responses

  1. hi ekke,

    it looks like you’re the target platform guru. so i have a very simple question:

    – how can i launch a headless eclipse with a specific target platform ?

    thanks for your answer

  2. hi ralf,

    thanks for the link, but i’d like to do it without buckminster and hudson.
    our future build-solution will be buckinster based, so i’d better wait for it.


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