redView 0.8.0 and EPP Modeling Helios RC3

What a great day: today we released redView 0.8.0 (Helios RC3) and (till now) there were no problems with RAP in the IDE (if you follow my blogs you know what I’m talking about 😉

Thanks again  to all from P2, RAP, Riena, … helping to make this possible.

Starting with redView 0.8.0 (RC3) we’re using the EPP Modeling Package instead of SDK, so its a good chance for you to try out the new designed Eclipse Developer Builds Downloadsite to download the Modeling Tools:

After installing the Eclipse Modeling Tools (RC3) you’ll notice a new Icon in the Toolbar:

If you perhaps listened today to the ….

… Xtext webinar and want to install Xtext – its now sooo easy 🙂

Click to “Install Modeling Components” and Xtext is only another click away:

So it doesn’t matter if you want to try out redView or Xtext or only test the new “Eclipse Modeling Components Discovery” – go to the new Download Site and download the Modeling Tools Package ! We’ll also use this to install Xpand into our red-open project.

BTW: If you like or dislike the new design of the Download Site, here you can give feedback.

…back to redView 0.8.0 (Helios RC3) Release.

Here’s the New and Noteworthy.

This release is a great step forward to Version 1.0 some days after Helios Release:

So – if you want to try it out: now it’s a good starting point. You can install all Sources from Mercurial Repository at…

or from our Update Sites. Learn more on our Installation sites.

If you don’t know what redView is: redView will also be presented at some Eclipse Demo Camps Helios 2010


Come and take a look at my redView demo ! Learn how easy it is to design Business UI Views without boilerplate of SWT code.

There’s another project: red-open software manufactury –  the Sources of red-open will be available next week. (wasn’t enough time to get it this week ready)

Using red-open you’ll be able to transform your domain models into redView View models using Xpand / Xtend / MWE.

…stay tuned I’ll blog if red-open also is available to download and perhaps we can meet this week in Munich or Mannheim at Eclipse democamp.

2 responses

  1. I’m glad you’re now using the modeling package, it’s back on track ! Having a “one-click extends” consistent platform
    is a nice mix IMO, I’ll try to provide more value with the package itself now, if you have any feedback or idea, go ahead !

    • Cédric, thanks for your work on the modeling package – I’ll test different combination next weeks. ekke

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