redView at Helios Democamps and SEACON

Helios is coming soon and redView 1.0 is also near. Perhaps you’re waiting on my next blogs about all the good new features from Helios ?

… as you probably know I’m working as an independent software architect and do all this blogging and work on open source projects  redView and red-open in my spare time.

… and exactly now – the weeks before Helios release – I have more work then expected at a customer project.

so you have to wait some more days for new Helios – blogs and also the next versions of redView will be published later: redView 0.9.0 will be there on 2010-07-05 now and redView 1.0 together with red-open 1.0 on 2010-07-19.

If you want to take a look at redView before 1.0 will be out – we will present redView at Eclipse Demo Camps Helios 2010


Come and take a look at my redView demo in Walldorf or Flo’s demo in Vienna ! Learn how easy it is to design Business UI Views without boilerplate of SWT code.

The last chance this month to hear about redView is SEACON conference in Hamburg (at a great location: Hotel Atlantic), where I’ll present redView (2010-06-29)

There are also some good news: From mid of september on Florian Pirchner (flo) will be 100% working on redView – he just terminated his current job as employee and will jump into the cold water 😉 We also welcomed a new committer: Wolfgang Wache.

redView 1.0 and red-open 1.0 together with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) will be a good base for some companies to start with and we want to guarantee that there will be good support and progress. of course its a risk, but we’ll try it …

2 responses

  1. Hello,

    hopefully, Version 1.0 will be installable and usable as promised in the installation manual.
    Even something like a different locale makes the package unusable. We are eager to use redview as an “early adopter” for product development.



    • Juergen,
      what kind of problems do you have using a different locale ?
      we got many reports of successfully installing redView 0.8.0,
      so we’re interested to hear about problems to fix them before 1.0

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