where is redView 1.0 ?

perhaps you’re wondering why it’s so silent from me ?

No – I wasn’t on vacation 😦

As you may know – I’m working as an independent software architect – so no one pays for my work on Open Source projects like redView and red-open.

so … last months I worked hard on a customer project and have written a product suite of 6 BlackBerry Business Applications from scratch (will blog about this later – there are also some new pages about my experiences here)

Since more then 2 years I worked hard (together with Flo) on our projects redView and red-open and we planned the 1.0 Release in July – but now you have to wait until next month (October).

We’ll also have some changes about the next features you’ll get:

  • we decided to work parallel to Riena 3.0 on RAP and e4 integration, so expect redView – RienaRAP and e4 – Support together with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). A good site to follow the progress is on Riena wiki.
  • Flo did some great work for better Selection of UI elements and Drag-n-Drop inside redView’s WYSIWYG editor for upcoming 1.0
  • next Features Flo is working on: Tooling, Usability: Wizards,  content assist for Databinding etc.

Now some really  good news: Flo did his work in the past only in his spare time besides a full-time-employee-job. This month (September) is the last one he worked employed because he terminated his job. Now Flo is also a Freelancer to have more time to support redView customers and to work on the project itself. …will be hard, but we decided to work on our Vision about redView and red-open 🙂

While you’re waiting on redView 1.0 you can

There are also some more possibilities to meet me next months:

… hope to meet you at Eclipse Summit to drink some beer and have great discussions. Eclipse Summit is always worth the money and the best chance to get answers to your questions before next EclipseCon.

Next week I’ll attend an event without speaking there – so no “finishing last slides” at hotel room 😉

From Sep-27 to Sep-30 I’m attending BlackBerry DevCon in San Francisco – please send me a note if somebody else from Eclipse Community will be there, so I’m not so alone 😉
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