BlackBerry – DVCS – redView : what’s common ?

… I’ll talk and discuss about this at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 :

as always there are some great Tutorials and Symposia at Eclipse Summit. and – same procedure as every year – hard decisions:

should I attend Runtime Tutorial and Demo Camp to get the newest from Equinox, OSGI, EclipseLink….

or better see “How to Create a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling” ? the latter would fit into my interests to create a DSL for BlackBerry mobile apps.

Eclipse BlackBerry Java Development

In the afternoon the decision is easier ūüėČ I don’t have to decide between “Modeling“, “e4” or “Build … best practices“, …

…because¬†there’s a Mobile Development Symposium where I want to talk and discuss about my ¬†BlackBerry Eclipse Development experiences.

The Mobile Development Symposium will give an overview about the different platforms (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, …), how to develop, build and deploy Apps, discuss monetary aspects, help to decide between native and web – apps, develop crossplatform and much more – so come in, meet me together with Peter Friese, Heiko Behrens, Marcus Harringer and discuss about mobile development.

DVCS: Mercurial and EGit

On Thursday I’ll talk about “Distributed Version Control – practices from daily work with EGit and MercurialEclipse“.

I’ll demonstrate the current state of Eclipse Team Provider PlugIns for Mercurial and Git. I know you can do all you want from the command line, but I prefer the UI. Let#s see if you can solve your workflows without switching to the command line.

redView – Riena – EMF: Modeling meets Runtime

redView is the Open Source Project ¬†I’m working on since more then 2 years together wit flo. You can find redView at EclipseLabs.

come on wednesday to my session to get the newest informations how to model the UI of your RCP Applications using redView’s EMF WYSIWYG Editor.


From September-27… 30 I’ll attend the BlackBerry DevCon in San Francisco…

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