ESE App for BlackBerry

last week I read that there will be mobile Apps for Eclipse Summit for iPhone and Android and I thought it could be a great idea also to have an App for BlackBerry, so I developed in 2 days a first version.

Think of it as a prototype for a complete conference app available for EclipseCon 2011.

The BlackBerry App is tested on Bold (9700) and Storm, OS5 and you can download it

OTA using your BlackBerry Browser

download a zip, expand and install using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

after installing you’ll find the app in the Download Folder

Attention: there are no progress bars or so at the moment, so somtimes it takes some seconds if you

first time open the App (the SQLite DB will be copied from resources and installed)

first time click on Session Lists or Speaker Lists

…more info will follow if I find some time between the sessions 😉

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