Eclipse Democamp Munich sold out

thanks to all the registered attendees, thank to the speakers, mission completed:

100 reservations ūüôā

Eclipse Democamp Munich is sold out: we upgraded the roomsize from 50 to 70 and then 100 seats and now we have 100 reservations. really great !

Attention: the room location was changed, but we sent out an email to all.

Also the agenda was slightly changed – but only the order of talks – all announced speakers will be there:

17:30 – 17:45 Meet and Greet

17:45 – 19:40 first part:

  1. 17.45 – 18.05: Bernhard Sch√§tz, fortiss GmbH, Eclipse Prolog EMF Transformation Engine (PETE),¬†Details…
  2. 18.05 – 18.25: Axel Uhl, Chief Development Architect, SAP AG, An Efficient, Scalable Event Manager for EMF and its Use in OCL Impact Analysis (Draft slides at¬†¬†Details…
  3. 18.25 – 18.45: Jonas Helming & Maximilian K√∂gel, EMFStore & EMF Client Platform, Building applications based on EMFStore and the EMF Client Platform¬†Details…
  4. 18.45 – 19.05:¬†Markus Herrmannsdoerfer, TUM, COPE – Advanced Features for Migrating EMF Models with COPE¬†Details…
  5. 19.05 Р19.25: Kai Tödter, Siemens Corporate Technology, Using e4 CSS styling with RCP 3.x
  6. 19.25 – 19.45: ekke (Ekkehard Gentz), Independent Software Architect, Mobile Software Development for BlackBerry using Eclipse: Lessons learned¬†Details…

19:40 – 20:00 Break with Snacks and Drinks

20:00 – 22:00: second part:

  1. 20.05 – 20.40¬†Holger Staudacher,¬†EclipseSource, A look ahead at RAP: what’s new now and will be noteworthy in the future,¬†Details…
  2. 20.40 – 21.15: Tom Schindl – On Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1 – In insights on the design and fundamental ideas behind Eclipse 4.0 and why you should care about it
  3. 21.15 – 21.35: Henrik Rentz-Reichert, Protos Software GmbH, The eTrice Real-Time Modeling Project: Introduction and Demo,¬†Details…
  4. 21.35 Р21.55: Benjamin Muskalla, Tasktop Technologies, Agiles Projektmanagement mit Tasktop und Mylyn

21:55 – 23:00 Get together

from 23:00 After-party at a Bar

looking forward to meet you all and have a great democamp in munich – see you on tuesday evening


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