EclipseCon Audition Sessions – a great experience

yesterday the first time Audition Sessions were presented to help the Program Committee to select submissions.

These were the Sessions:

1. Jonas Helming for Maximilian Koegel, How to Distribute, Store and Version Models with EMFStore
2. Jonas Helming, Only one Click to an EMF Application
3. Bernhard Merkle, Stop the Architecture Erosion of Eclipse And Open Source Projects
4. Martin Reiterer, TapiJI – Integrating Internationalization in your agile development process
5. Frank Rimlinger, Practical Mathematical Proof of Correctness
6. Ekke Gentz, Enterprise and Mobile Using Eclipse
7. Arun Gupta, Nuts & Bolts of Java EE 6 using Eclipse
8. Anthony W. Juckel, High Performance Tabular Databinding
9. Karim Djaafar, Managing and Monitoring your Agile tools with JasForge OSGI Project
10. Tristan Faure, Gendoc2 WYWIWYG (What You Write Is What You Get)

The auditions were held using the Ignite format. Each speaker had 5 minutes to present 20 slides, and the slides change automatically every 15 seconds.

I really like this format: in exactly 15 sec you have to bring it to the point.

This was the first time for me to present using such a format and I was nervous what will happen, but I think it went well (got some positive feedback) .

The day before the Audition starts was a “Challenge” as Lynn said: and Lynn did a great job to combine all the presentations into one Open Office Presentation and to manage 10 speakers around the world to present their part.

Enterprise and Mobile Development using Eclipse

For me this was a great opportunity to promote my 3 submissions from domain “Enterprise and Mobile Development”:

the complete webinar is online – so if you want to watch all Auditions, here’s the Video:​16971293

unfortunately the Video and Audio tracks are not in-sync, so I uploaded my Session extra:

it was fun to participate into the Audition Sessions and I hope they help the program committee to select: so many submissions, and only less timeslots available – which submission would be selected ?

this snapshot demonstrates how the Eclipse Summit Europe program committee was working 😉

BTW: why not having some presentations in Ignite or PechaCucha format at EclipseCon 2011 itself ?


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