Eclipse Democamps, Stammtisch and Conference


This year’s November Democamps I managed the Democamp Munich (together with Max and Jonas from EMFStore) and also had a talk at Democamp Dortmund.

It’s always great to meet other Eclipse developers and every time I’m learning something new: – at Democamp Dortmund first time I got a “Hövels“:

thanks Karsten Thoms mentioning this. (@caniszczyk: if you ever plan a trip to Dortmund you should try some Hövels 😉 fortunately I had booked a hotel for that night…


Because of great success of Eclipse Democamp Munich with 100+ registered attendees, Max, Jonas an I are planning an “Eclipse Stammtisch” in Munich: 2011-02-07 – please reserve the date in your calendar, we’re planning this Stammtisch at a cool location:

Unionsbräu Munich – Haidhausen – a small local brewery. (and yes: Ralph Müller will also attend 😉

Karsten, you’re invited to try this one 😉

To be serious: Eclipse Democamps are not only about drinking beer: you always learn from other developers experiences. I talked about Mobile and Enterprise Development using Eclipse – esp. about my experiences to develop BlackBerry Java Apps.

Christkindl Market

This december I’m enjoying the “Rosenheim Christkindl Market“: the location is directly below our living room and my home-office – so there are only some stairs to get the next “Glühwein” 😉


December is also an important month, because the EclipseCon Program Committee is selecting the sessions and I’m sure EclipseCon will again be a great event for the Eclipse Community.

There are some proposals from me:

There’s also a video from EclipseCon Audit Session in Ignite format:


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