See you at EclipseCon Europe 2011 and EclipseCon NorthAmerica 2012

I remember 2003 JavaOne Conference in SFO, where in a hotel Erich Gamma presented some previews of upcoming Eclipse 3.0 -there I got my first Eclipse Cap ūüôā

since then – with one exception – I attended at all EclipseCon Conferences and of course I also booked EclipseCon 2011.

Unfortunately some days before the conference starts, I got an urgent customer-call: they needed my knowledge of an eclipse project at customer side to support an important presentation which couldn’t scheduled later.

So I had to make a hard decision to cancel EclipseCon flight and hotel and also to cancel my session. (was the first time ever I had to cancel a Session)

thanks to Chris Aniszczyk I missed a really great program –¬†thanks to twitter and all the bloggers I was able to attend remote ūüėČ

… but it’s not the same feeling – I missed all the networking and of course the European Meeting Ralph arganizes every year.

Missing the EclipseCon was only the first, what went wrong… my BlackBerry EclipseCon Application is only Beta yet – why ? the weeks before EclipseCon there were some time-consuming tests together with RIM to find the reason, why Push Notifications doesn’t come through to my server. this was fixed exactly one day before EclipseCon starts – much too late to make the final release run.

My BlackBerry EclipseCon App isn’t only a conference app – it’s also my sample to demonstrate what’s possible using latest BlackBerry OS and Eclipse. The mobile client App is only one part of the solution – there’s also a server part. If developing mobile business applications in many cases you have to develop server-side-logic and integrating Push Services also makes sense. I’m using the Conference App to demonstrate the use of Eclipse RT (Equinox OSGI, Jetty, …) as Push-and Contentserver. …some blogs about this will follow¬†and I’ll provide full featured Apps for EclipseCon Europe 2011 and EclipseCon 2012. This App will be free forever for all Eclipse or OpenSource conferences.

I’ll also develop Templates for ApplauseDSL and reading Heiko Behrens Blog it seems that actual ApplauseDSL code will be soon available at GitHub. From my POV: model-driven generated mobile client apps together with dynamic Equinox OSGI server will be a dream team. let’s see what happened…

…expect a bunch of blogs from me next months about Eclipse Modeling (Xtext, Xpand, redView, mobile DSL’s), ¬†Eclipse RT (Equinox, Jetty, Riena, RCP/RAP) and Vaadin-OSGI in the context of enterprise and mobile business-app-development, where my focus is on BlackBerry Java and partly on Android to verify that my concepts are working x-platform. (BTW: Florian – my partner at redView – is also involved into mobile development of business apps, but his focus is on Objective-C and also BlackBerry PlayBook C++. Flo blogs about Java vs Objective-C)

curious to see that Oisin now also is active in enterprise + mobile development, DSL’s ¬†and started a new business around this.

Meet me …


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