Indigo Highlights

Only some days left and Eclipse Indigo (3.7) will be there.

This year 62 projects are part of Eclipse Indigo:

As you know, in my projects I’m using Eclipse Projects from Runtime, Modeling, Mobile and Tooling, so I tried to put together some of my highlights.

You’ll find these highlights in detail in german at and in english at

first published Highlights:

more highlights soon…

These highlights are no ranking, because Ian Bull owns the copyright to present the top-ten 😉

A new release also means new Eclipse Democamps worldwide. I already attended a great Democamp in Frankfurt talking about “DVCS at eclipse with EGit/JGit and Mercurial”.

Today Democamp Munich will happen with 200 attendees 🙂 I’ll talk about a new project based on EclipseRT (Equinox, Jetty, …) to provide a x-platform Push- and Communication Server for mobile and enterprise development. I’m also curious to get newest infos about APPlause – x-platform mobile development using a Xtext based DSL presented by Peter Friese. APPlause is the missing link in my tool-chain of model-driven development of business applications running on desktops and also mobile.

Next week I’ll also talk at Democamp Hamburg.


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