mobile development – my next sessions + events

here’s an overview of my upcoming sessions and events and I would be glad to meet you there:

M-Days – Frankfurt, 2012-02-01: Location Based Services

At the Mobile Days in Frankfurt I’m talking about Location Based Services. In many of my customer projects I’m using Location Based Services, have integrated Maps, track GPS etc. I’ll talk about good practices, tips and tricks and demonstrate some of my work. You’ll find me at Developer Stage 1 on Wednesday 2012-02-01 at 13:00.

In the night I’ll also attend the Mobile Media Night 😉

At M-Days I’ll first time use my new Camholder from Heiko Behrens (@HBehrens) – will later blog about my experiences with heikos awesome new product.

BBDevCon Europe – Amsterdam, 2012-02-08: SuperApps

Only some days later I’ll speak at BlackBerry Developer Conference about developing Super Apps. I’m happy to meet some friends again and looking forward to get the newest informations about BB10 – the future OS for BlackBerry.

Mobile Developer Conference – HH, 2012-02-15: Push Services

More and more mobile applications are using Push Services. Unfortunately there’s no common API and so you have to know the differences and what’s possible on the different platforms. I’ll talk about PushServices for Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM.

Mobile Tech Con 2012 – Munich 2012 – 2012-03-29: Power Workshop Cascades

Next MobileTechCon is in Munich – not far from Rosenheim, where I work and live. I’ll present a full-day Power Workshop about the new UI Framework Cascades from RIM. With Cascades you can write great apps in a short timeframe with awesome animations. Designers and Developers can work hand-in-hand: a PlugIn for Photoshop allows you to easy move graphical work and drag it into your QML Editor. Cascades is one of te reasons why I as a developer am sure, that RIM will came back in 2012. Using Cascades you can develop Applications for PlayBook 2.x and also upcoming BB10.

EclipseCon America 2012 😦

Unfortunately this time I cannot travel to EclipseCon America, because exactly same week there’s MobileTechCon in Munich.

But of course I’m developing the BlackBerry Conference App for EclipseCon 2012 and hope that the timing is better next year.


(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by  ekkescorner 

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