extra session today at MTC: BlackBerry Technical Briefing

today there will be an extra session in the evening at MobileTechCon (MTC):

BlackBerry Technical Briefing

Tuesday, 2012-03-27 at 19:30 – 21:00, Forum 6/7

  • Curious what will happen next time at RIM with BlackBerry development ?
  • Are you an Android, AdobeAir or HTML 5 – Web – Developer ?
  • Want to get informations what really happens at RIM ?

This extra session gives you the informations you need.

Sanyu Kiruluta (RIM):

  • Welcome
  • Intro to BlackBerry Developer Program
  • Overview of supported platforms

Klemens Schrattenbacher (RIM):

  • BlackBerry AppWorld

Kamel Lajili (RIM):

  • porting Android Apps to PlayBook

ekke – that’s me 😉 (Independent Software Architect):

  • Why developing for BlackBerry
  • What’s going on with Java at BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry NDK
  • Do you like the idea to code UI in C ? No ? we take a look HowTo design UI with Cascades
  • Open Source at RIM

Anders Larsson (RIM / Cascades)

  • The Future of BlackBerry Development

Sanyu Kiruluta:

  • WrapUp

and then:

FREE PlayBook for 30 attendees !

So you not only get the newest from BlackBerry, you also have a great chance to win a PlayBook with the latest OS !

cu later in Forum 6/7 at MTC !


(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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