Eclipse, Java, BlackBerry and me

Conferences and more

For my daily work as an independent software architect developing mobile business apps I’m using Eclipse as my IDE and prefer Java (plus Xtend) where possible for my server-, web- or mobile coding.I like to work with and for Open Source Projects.

Of course there’s also a bunch of mobile devices around me: mostly BlackBerry (my business projects normaly rely on BlackBerry and I really like the BlackBerry Platform) and some Android phones.

My personal mobile device is an iPhone and my development environment is OSX. I’m an Apple fan since Apple ][.

I like to develop from my home office, but also need meetings with developers, like to discuss face-2-face and have some fun.

That’s the reason, why conferences are important for me and if I can combine networking with learning new stuff from others and also provide my experiences to others as a speaker, then it’s perfect. Unfortunately there are not only conferences, but also work for customers has to be done to get the time and money to attend conferences 😉

Everey year it’s really difficult to select the conferences to attend or to speak at, because I’m interested into different domains: Java (JAX, W-JAX), Eclipse (EclipseCon America, EclipseCon Europe, Eclipse Demo Camps) and mobile (MTC – 2 times a year, MDC – 2 times a year, BlackBerryDevCon America, BlackBerryDevCon Europe) and more…. Sometimes there are collisions like this year where MTC in Munich was parallel to EclipseCon America.

Conference2Go – BlackBerry Conference APP

I like conferences and at some of them I really missed a BlackBerry conference app – so I developed a series of Conference2Go APPs for Eclipse, JAX, W-JAX and MTC. You can find more informations here.

Later this year there will also be aTablet Version of my Conference APP.


Normaly there are not so many downloads, but last MTC in Munich was a really surprise: I got 2000 downloads where the conference had around 500 attendees.

what happened ?

MTC 2012 – great success for BlackBerry

MTC in march was the first mobile developer conference in germany where RIM had a booth, some sessions and a great keynote. For many developers it was the first time to see (and test) actual devices live from RIM.

There was also an extra BlackBerry Technical Briefing in the evening (an ad-hoc arrangement – thx to the organizers to make this happen) where we gave some insights into BlackBerry Development and Visions. RIM was giving away some PlayBooks and around 120 attendees came. Perhapse some originally only went in to get a chance to win a free PlayBook, but all are listening carefully til the end of the session: From discussions later at the conference I know, that many were very surprised about BlackBerry. (Lesson learned: don’t believe what some analysts are saying)

Next day the Keynote from Sanyu Kiruluta (Developer Relations) and Lars Anderson (Cascades) again was full room and much applause. The booth also was crowded. All these things together with many tweets and blogs must have caused the huge number of downloads of my MTC conference app. … was a great conference for me.

Next Conferences, DemoCamps, Articles

what’s coming the next months ?

There will also be some new articles in german magazines by me:

  • EclipseMagazin: 3-part series about developing mobile APPs for tablets using Eclipse as IDE targeting Android ICS 4.x and BB10/Cascades
  • Mobile Technology  Magazin (Cascades)
  • MobileDeveloperMagazin (my ongoing series about BlackBerry development)

Next week I’ll also report live from BB10Jam conference in Orlando.

My next blog will cover this conference more in detail.

cu at one or more conferences this year.

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