Eclipse, BlackBerry and more

Developing mobile business applications is fun using Eclipse as IDE. Last 3 years I developed BlackBerry Java applications integrated into client-server architecture based on Eclipse Equinox (OSGi), so I’m using Eclipse as Runtime and also as IDE.
Business applications with mobile integration targets more then one mobile OS – also it’s good to know and work with more SDK’s to find the best solution for my customers. In recent projects I developed for Android 4 and also BlackBerry 7.
I’m not only developing mobile apps, but also using devices from different OS: I like my iPhone and use it as my daily personal device together with a PlayBook as tablet. To compete platforms, I’m also using a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and a Android Galaxy Nexus. There’s a family iPad (mostly occupied by my wife) and the kids love their HTC Desire with Android and their PlayBooks for gaming.
Over the last years I really liked to develop for BlackBerry OS 7 (Java) – and for fun I developed the BlackBerry conference app for conferences like JAX, W-JAX, MobileTechCon (MTC) or EclipseCon.

eclipseCON Europe 2012

Next EclipseCon is coming in october to germany and again I’ll develop the BlackBerry conference app.
There’s also a submission to EclipseCon “Eclipse goes Mobile: Cool Apps in an hour for Android and BB10” where I demonstrate the development for Android 4 and BlackBerry 10.

RIM reloaded: BlackBerry 10 Jam

BlackBerry 10 is the new mobile OS for the next decade developed from scratch by RIM and based on QNX.

If you’re wondering why I’m still believing into BlackBerry for mobile development: I have written a long blog post covering different aspects and looking at RIM from a birds-eyes-view and also into the details of sourcecode.

Curious to read more ? click on the images above.

RIM more open and transparent then ever before

Perhaps you remember blog posts from me complaining the bureaucracy at RIM – last months there’s a noticable change at RIM.

Not only that RIM put more and more under Open Source…

… also the processes become more and more open and transparent. Last week next update of Beta SDK’s for BB10 were published and also a release-plan !

As a developer working on Apps while using Beta SDK’s it’s not so easy to test with others. Now you can submit BB10 applications to BlackBerry AppWorld and other developers can download and test…

MobileTechCon (MTC) in Frankfurt, 3.-5. September 2012

If you want to get more infos about BB10 development: I’m at MTC in Frankfurt and would like to discuss with you.

Next conferences will be BlackBerry Jam in San Jose end of September and MobileDeveloperConference (MDC) in Stuttgart in October – overlapping with EclipseCon Europe. At MDC in Stuttgart there will be a Night-Coding-Session with BB10 and Cascades by me. Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg are nearby, so I can attend both: MDC and EclipseCon.

(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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