Jamming again with BlackBerry

I’m just preparing my travel to San Francisco to attend next week BlackBerry Developer Conference BBJam where I’ll attend many sessions and the Hackathon on monday and also speak (Cascades and Internationalization)


Looking one year back: so many things happened at RIM making the life as a mobile developer easier. Barriers removed to start with development, no costs for Signing Keys or AppWorld registrations any more. Last year was the first bb dev conference with Alec Saunders as VicePresident Developer Relations: he promised to make it easier and yes: it is easier.

Last year I was very sceptical about the future of RIM, because there’s no Java VM on the new QNX / BB10 platform. Alec Saunders made his email address public and I wrote him about it. Guess what: some days after the conference he answered and arranged a phone call where we discussed. You know my blog entries and tweets and I’m excited about the new platform and must say it’s easy for a Java developer to start with. Using Cascades (the awesome UI framework coming from TAT sweden) and QML you can write cool apps in a short timeframe.

Cascades made a huge progress from Closed Beta (January 2012) to Beta 1 (May 2012) and Beta 2(July 2012) and Beta 3 arriving next week should be robust enough to start developing real world applications with.

I already did some work with Cascades:

all is public as Open Source at Github available.

Also the App is at AppWorld available and here’s a video about. RIM gave out more then 5000 Dev Alpha Devices to developers where you can test BB10 cascades Apps on real Hardware and they opened the AppWorld to submit apps while developing so other developers can have a look and test and give feedback.

Last year many projects were made Open Source by RIM: more then 60 projects by now. Eduardo Pelegri did a great job on this. (You may know Eduardo from Sun or Glassfish project or Jenkins)

You read that RIM is dead ? Here’s a longer story by me about that.
I will blog from the conference to let you know what happens. Looking forward to meet some of you there or in october at MobileDeveloper Conference in Stuttgart or at EclipseCON Europe in Ludwigsburg.

(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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