On my way from MDC to EclipseCON

Was a great conference day yesterday at  Mobile Developer Conference in Stuttgart:

A highlight at MDC was Heiko Behrens (@hbehrens) cool Keynote on Monday morning. Heiko is always the guy with the most devices live on stage – this time including an old tape recorder.

My Session ‘Cool Apps for Smartphones and Tablets‘ went very well – full room. I talked about UI Design Guides and more you need to develop cool (native) applications for different platforms.

If you combine this with some of the Patterns Benny (@elektrojunge) talked about, I’m sure users will love your apps.

Yesterday in the evening the ‘Live Cascades (BB10) Night Coding’

where I hacked some BlackBerry 10 Cascades Code also was success – now some more devs thinking about the new BlackBerry OS as a platform for the next decade.

Unfortunately MDC is overlapping with EclipseCON Europe

So I’m leaving MDC now and heading over to EclipseCON to meet all my friends from the Eclipse universe.

Of course I have my BB10 Alpha Device with me – so if you want to get first impressions from BB10 Apps: feel free to ask me.

(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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