somewhere over the rainbow…

if you follow my blog a long time you know, that I only write less things from my private life.

today it’s an exception

yesterday my little sister Heike (13 yrs younger) lost her fight against cancer. thank you for all the condolences I got via twitter.


end of november last year I got a phonecall telling me that Heike will die soon. She has known this since february last year that there’s an inoperable cancer.

fortunately we (me and my wife and youngest son) had the chance to visit her and “say good-bye” – but til today it’s unbelievable for me that Heike died.

The little sister is always the little sister – doesnt matter how old.

I was older then Heike now at the time, where my youngest son was born, who now is at high school. and the rolling stones are staying longer on-stage then Heike in life. not so easy to realize.

Some of my followers are knowing Heike, because Heike worked together with me (and some of you) for many years on software projects.

Here’s a photo of Heike and me nearly 20 years ago at ‘CeBIT computer fare in Hanover’ presenting my ERP solution ff-handel:

heike and me CeBIT 94

Last years Heike did some other work and finally found a friend (Michael) and they had many ideas and plans for their future life. Thanks to Michael – he was at Heikes site the last painful weeks.

If some of you knowing Heike want to know where her last address will be:

Heike’s last wish was to be buried in a forest nearby Hanover

I  have created a FourSquare CheckIn-Place (“Ruheforst Deister (Heike G)“) – so there’s a virtual place where we can check-in in memory of Heike – or if you’re driving near Hanover and want to take a rest – there’s a place now. I will let you know via Twitter when Heike arrived there.

life goes on …. (see next blog) – next week I will be in Amsterdam at BBJAm Europe – will drink some beers on Heike there !

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    • Danke – zum richtig verarbeiten brauchts länger, Eike. solange jeden tag geniessen – sowas lernt man daraus. jetzt war es einfach eine erlösung für heike – der grosse schock war im november, als ich es erfahren habe.

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