life goes on… keep moving… this week in Amsterdam

sometimes life isn’t predictable (see my last blog ‘somewhere over the rainbow…‘) and wounds like this one will need long time to heal  …

BBJAm Europe in Amsterdam

…but life goes on and for me it’s easier to keep moving and push on then sitting around and doing nothing.

This week I am in Amsterdam at BBJam Europe – the first conference after launching BlackBerry 10 Devices.


I will speak at 2 sessions:

  • JAM 318 (Invokation Framework)
  • JAM 353 (Internationalization)

RIM becomes BlackBerry

At launch on January-30 RIM changed the company name to BlackBerry.

It will take some weeks / months until the new devices will be present in all countries around the world and people realize that BlackBerry is Back: for Consumers and Enterprises. If you couldn’t follow the launch event – here’s a webcast.

There are also some more sites telling you about the new BlackBerry (new company, new platform, new devices):

enough ads 😉

this blog is about development and I will continue blogging about mobile development, open source, business applications, push services, git, osgi, xtext, tabris, riena and all the other tools and frameworks you need to develop high quality mobile applications.

I’m focused on two mobile OS: Android 4 and BlackBerry10 Cascades – the native UI framework. I’m enthusiastic about the new BlackBerry10 platform and I really believe that it’s the best platform I worked with yet. But at customer site it’s not always the one-OS-fits-its-all situation so it’s good to know about and work with more then one.

There will be some blogs coming up to compare different ways to solve user-requirements if you have to develop for more then one platform. (btw: BlackBerry BES10 allows you to manage Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices together) Even if I’m doing Android4 / BlackBerry10 projects at customer site, my blogs will always publish more content about BlackBerry10. there’s a simple reason: Lars Vogel already has done (and is doing) what you need to learn Android – so I’ll focus on BlackBerry10 / Cascades 😉

you can also follow my series in (german) Eclipse Magazin about developing an app for Android 4 and BlackBerry10 and at MobileTechCon in munich next month there’s my session “…and action ! ActionBar concepts on Android 4 and BlackBerry10

so stay tuned …

this week – if I find some time – perhaps some blogs from BBJAm in Amsterdam or follow my tweets @ekkescorner

BlackBerry 10 Cascades Trainings

I expect many developers switching to this new platform – if you need training – I’m offering Basic and Experts workshops.

(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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