The Beat Goes On: Keep Moving (from i to Z)

Apple ][ – Apple /// – Lisa – Macintosh – iMac – MacBookPro

… I’m a lover and user of Apple products since the beginning. I have used them all:


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I’m developing software on Apple PCs since decades and in the 80ies I even sold them as an Apple dealer in germany, where I won a contest (one of the best Apple /// dealers) and was invited to visit Apple in Cupertino and shake hands with Steve Jobs who just was working on the Macintosh. Later I developed an ERP solution for apple dealers. You see I’m deeply involved …

For my current environment to develop mobile business applications I also heavily rely on Apple products: MacBookPro 15″, 16 GB RAM, SSD + Apple 27″ running Eclipse Momentics:


My first smartphone: an iPhone

My first smartphone of course was an iPhone and every 2 years I switched to the next generation.

My iPhone is fully loaded with uncount Apps I’m using for my daily work or private: on the road to customers, at conferences, at home or on vacations.

As you probably know, most of my mobile Apps I’m developing for customers are running on BlackBerry devices. My first BlackBerry project was started some years ago because the requirements of the customer could be solved best with BlackBerry. I like it to develop for the BlackBerry platform and enjoy working with their great Developer Relations team and all the devs from the community I met last years.

My customers like the BlackBerry apps I built, but if you have asked me: “what is your daily-used main device ?” – the answer always was “my iPhone“. I Like the design, the easy-to-use-iOS and that most of the apps are following the Apple UI guidelines, so everyone knows how an App  is working.

I’m also doing mobile apps on Android 4 – the first Android where Google also provided UI Design Guidelines for developers. Android 4 enables you to create good looking apps. Using Services running in the background I could do some things similar to BlackBerry. iOS in this case fails for me (from my POV as a developer) because Apple only allowed some services running in the background. PushServices of BlackBerry are way better then Googles’ so if you need Push with guaranteed delivery to devices, even the newest Android can not do this out of the box.

Summary: My world as a mobile business app – developer:

  • using iPhone as my own daily-used smartphone
  • developing mobile business apps for customers using BlackBerry OS7 and / or Android 4

This was valid til 30th of January 2013.

hmmmm….. what happens on 30th of January 2013 ? 😉 BlackBerry 10 was launched !

BlackBerry 10 will change the way you use a mobile phone

BlackBerry 10 isn’t only a new OS – it’s a complete new platform for smartphones, tablets, cars and more, for enterprises and consumers.

I developed already some software last year for BlackBerry 10. Thanks to BlackBerry (the company formerly known as RIM) I got a developer device (DevAlpha) to test apps on devices before launch. It was a hard way going through all the Betas, but it was worth spending the time. BlackBerry and all the guys from TAT (Cascades) really designed a new way to use a smartphone. How all the new gestures are working and how BlackBerry Hub and Peek-and-Flow or Type-and-Go are really different I will blog about next months…

BlackBerry 10.0 is the first version of a new OS developed from scratch and only the beginning. For a 1.0 – version it’s stable and running very well and fluid. 70k apps available at launch is not as many as for Android or iOS, but a good starting point. what really matters are quality apps – and BlackBerry just started the ‘Built for BlackBerry‘ certification for quality apps following the UI Design Guide, using platform services, not drying your battery and more.

At BBJam in Amsterdam last week I got a real BlackBerry 10 device – the Limited Edition in red for developers and I started to use this device. As more as I’m using BlackBerry 10 when switching back to my iPhone it happens that I tried to use the BB10 gestures – they’re really intuitiv.

I’m not alone with this – here’s from a review:

In essence: BlackBerry has done the impossible, and made iOS seem complicated. So much so, that I’ve often been picking the Z10 up in before the iPhone to achieve tasks like checking email, Facebook and Twitter. It just feels more natural.

so – hey – why not….

switching from i to Z ?

And so I did the decision:

switch from iPhone and BB9900

I already know that the BlackBerry 10 OS is cool.

Most important part to survive the switch will be the availability of Apps.

I have to find out if there are Apps to solve my tasks.

For me only quality apps are counting.

BTW: I will also stop using my BlackBerry 9900

The travel begins… Keep Moving

I never before imagined that one day I will put my iPhone away. this was unbelievable for me …

Now I did it and took the SIM card out of my iPhone into the BlackBerry Z10.

So I’m only using the iPhone in my WIFI to compare Apps or to use Apps from iPhone while looking for an alternative way to do this on the Z10.

curious to see if it could also work for my wife (iPhone) and my kids (HTC Desire HD – Android)

Read more about my switch in detail → here

My first article →HowTo add accounts (including iCloud) to BlackBerry Z10.

Follow me @ekkescorner on Twitter if you want to read more about my experiences next week.

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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