Back from MobileTechCon (MTC) and ShapeIt

Last week I attended MobilTechCon (MTC) in Munich. MTC is from my POV the most important conference in germany for mobile developers: you’ll get in contact with speakers and developers from all platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows and also Web/HTML5). For me it’s always important to see what happens all around.

My session about ActionBar and Navigation in Android4 vs BlackBerry 10 went very well. If you develop apps crossplatform you should know about the different UI Design Guidelines and Navigation concepts to design your apps the right way.

BTW: this conference was the first one, where other developers didn’t laugh about my engagement with BlackBerry 😉 The launch of BlackBerry 10 changed it and there was full house at Aaron Ardiris keynote session about BlackBerry 10.

Sessions by Heiko Behrens are always fun, so I attended his Session “Mach dich nackig“. As an independent software architect there’s no big marketing budget behind, but it’s important how you’re presenting your apps, your sessions and yourself.

Heiko analyzed a very short sequence from Steve Jobs presentation of the new iPhone some years ago. Was cool to see the choreography and how the presentation was done. Then Heiko explained what we (small companies / independent devs) can do to be as perfect as possible with a small budget.

One point from his session: not only stream the content from your mobile devices to the screen – let the audience see what you’re doing with your fingers. Very helpful for this: Heikos Camholder ( I’m also using since some time.

Another important thing: be well prepared and have a backup of all: cables, adapter, pointer, … I myself ran into this at MTC: have changed batteries from my remote and then forgot it at home. So in the webcast from my session (will be online soon) you see me always going to my mac and hitting a key for the next slide – not so good.

If you’re developing APPs you also need good looking websites and marketing material. It’s not easy without the right tools and knowledge per ex. to get your screenshots printed together with different devices. Now – again thanks to Heiko – this is an easy job. take a look at these images:


OpenDataSpace running on BlackBerry Z10


ekkes TeaTimer running on BlackBerry Q10


SerCar10 running on BlackBerry Z10

Please click on the images and zoom in: really good quality. Here’s also a PDF about ekkes Trainings – zoom in to 400% or so: all is perfect. I would have spent hours to solve this, so til today I only used the screenshots itself. For your customers or users it’s much better to see how it looks on the real device.

How was this done ? There’s a new website from Heiko for us developers to make it an aesy job:

  1. make your screenshot (per ex. on BlackBerry 10 click volume up + down)
  2. go to
  3. drag’n’drop the screenshot on this page
  4. select the device you made your screenshot from
  5. select some properties like shadow y/n
  6. download the image

and you’re done 🙂

If you open there’s a first selection using an iPhone, where other templates are greyed out. Just ignore it. simply drag your screenshot onto the drag-area:


As soon as the screenshot is dragged on the site, some templates will be displayed. Heiko selects all templates where the proportions of the screenshot fit. Dragging a 720×720 would give me the BlackBerry Q10. In this example I dragged a 768×1280 screenshot and I’m getting something like this:


Now it’s easy: select the template you like, switch shadow on or off and download the image. (If you miss your template: there’s a button to show all – 45 as of today)

You’ll get images like the 3 above. Do you like it ?

Alone attending Heikos session was it worth to go to MTC 😉

See you at the next MobileTechCon in September in Berlin:


or at BlackBerry Live in Orlando – this year together with developer conference BBJam Americas:

bb live

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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    • thx Heiko – now I know about it and for next time I won’t leave my home without checking all from a conference-checklist 😉

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