EclipseCon and BlackBerry 10

best greetings to all my friends at this years EclipseCon in Boston
EclipseCon 2013 Boston
I’m attending Eclipse conferences since more then 10 years, but this year I couldn’t make it to go. as you probably know I spent much private time last months and now have to do some work for customers.

Since some years I’m developing conference apps for EclipseCon, MTC, JAX,… with BlackBerry OS 7 – now the story goes on:

I developed the first of my Conference2Go applications running on the brandnew BlackBerry 10 OS for EclipseCon Boston and just-in-time I could beam it to Mike Milinkovich’s new Z10 🙂

Hopefully the app will be available soon in BlackBerry World to download. In the meantime – if you’re with your new BlackBerry 10 device in Boston – you can sideload the signed application from here: Then it’s an easy work: install Plugin for PlayBook in your Chrome Browser, enable your BB10 device for Development Mode (Settings -> Security -> Development) and connect via USB or Wifi, enter the IP into the Chrome-PlayBook Plugin and install the downloaded BAR.

edited: the app now is available at BlackBerry World for download: search for ‘EclipseCon’

If you’re still waiting for your Z10 or not sure to switch to BlackBerry 10: take a look at the App – I made a Video and some Screenshots to give you a taste how my conference app is working on BlackBerry 10. Thanks to Heiko Behrens I could place my Screenshots on Device – Images so you can better imagine. BTW: to make the Video I also used a developer tool made by Heiko: the Camholder.

Here’s the Conference2Go app running on the Z10 (or Limited Edition or DevAlpha):

(thanks to Heiko Behrens Shapeitapp you can zoom into the images to see all the details in high quality)


Home Screen Conference2Go EclipseCon


Sessionlist segmented by conference days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) – there’s an extra list for the Workshopday (Monday). Entries sorted and grouped by Time so you can easy find what’s provided at a given time.



Tapping on a Session in the List gives you the details: title, category, type, scheduled time, room and the session abstract. All inside a ScrollView and at the bottom is the list of the presenters of this session.


From the Session – details – presenter – list you can tap on a speaker to get the speaker – details.


From the ActionBar at the bottom of session details you can tweet about the session (see above) or write some notes (text, audio, video) about the session into your Remember notebook. Remember notebooks can be Evernote – notebooks, so the content is synchronized with Evernote on your desktop. I was looking for this since a long time, because handwritten notes from sessions aren’t easy to manage and I like it only to use my smartphone. So I wrote the gluecode – thanks to Cascades Invocation Framework this was an easy job.


Here’s the Speakers list – tapping on a Speaker you get the details and you also can compose a tweet to the speaker using integration of Twitter through Cascades Invocation Framework.


I added some info about the room plans of the venue. Tap on an image and the image is opened with BlackBerry 10 ImageViewer so you can pinch-and-zoom easy. The ImageViewer is integrated into the app – so the user doesn’t know that he/she is in reality using another app to do this.


From Home Screen Overflow Menu you can reach more Actions. BBM is integrated to invite others to BBM or invite others to download this app. BlackBerry world is integrated: with one tap you’re directly at the app’s site in BlackBerry World where you can leave a review, which should always be easy done for users. Foursquare is integrated to CheckIn at EclipseCon Venue in Boston with one click or you can look around for the hotels nearby. Also another Twitter integration to get the search page from native Twitter app for EclipseCon’s hashtag #eclipsecon.


BBM: invite others to this app


Foursquare integrated: easy one- touch – CheckIn to EclipseCon


Twitter Search integrated #eclipsecon


If minimized the app uses a special Application Cover.

From the Application Menu (Swipe down from top) you can get some help and watch a video about the app. This integrates the MediaPlayer into the app. There’s also a WebView to show you my About – Website. And there’s a Feedback action from where you can easy write a Message (email) with your requests, comments or problems.

As a member of …

BlackBerry Elite

… I always want to write high-quality applications to provide the BlackBerry 10 FLOW to you. If you have complaints, requests or comments helping me to make my apps even better: use the feedback action from Application Menu.

If you would like to develop high quality Cascades Apps for BlackBerry 10: you can attend one of my workshops 😉

Besides the BlackBerry 10 touch devices there will also be devices with a physical keyboard like the Q10. Where the touch devices have a 720×1280 HD size, the Q10 has a 1:1 720×720 screen. You have to carefully design your apps to make them run on both. Here are some screenshots from Q10 so you get a feeling how different this is:




…and here’s the app in action:

see you at the next EclipseCon Europe and have fun in Boston !

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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