Conference2Go EclipseCon Updated: dynamic Overview

EclipseCon Boston just closed the door and next EclipseCon conferences are waiting in the queue:

so I’m doing some more work on my brandnew Conference2Go EclipseCon APP built with Eclipse Momentics IDE and Cascades as native app.

Feedback of first version from EclipseCon Boston was great – please let me know what you’re missing for a perfect Conference App.

Update at BlackBerry World (FREE)

Today an update was approved at BlackBerry World.


New Video available

There’s also a new Video:

If you haven’t done before you should also watch the first video of this app, where I demonstrated all the other features:

what’s new ?

Now you can easy select / unselect your favorites and there’s a toggle to switch the ListViews between all or only favorites.

Hint: Screenshots on BlackBerry 10 devices done by Heiko Behrens service – so you can click on the image and zoom in to see the details.

Easy toggle between all or only favorite sessions / workshops

Starting the app gives you the list with all Sessions or Workshops:


Your favorites are marked with a flag. The ActionBar allows easy switching to your favorites – one tap and the same list displays only your favorites:


the Action is a toggle – so with one tap you’re back to the list of all sessions.

Dynamic Session Overview with pinch&zoom

Besides the ListView there’s now also an overview of all sessions (workshops) of the selected day:

  • Sessions ordered in columns per room
  • Sessions ordered in rows by start time and duration
  • Height of sessions depends on length of session in minutes
  • Pinch & Zoom to make it easy to get an overview or to see the details
  • Tap on a session marks this as selected and opens details view
  • Peeking back shows you the selected session colored
  • Landscape and Portrait is supported
  • All work done dynamically for selected day
  • Sessions filtered to get only the favorites
  • Only rooms will be displayed where sessions will happen (or if favorited)
  • Scheduled items (Break, Lunch, Party, …) with grey background to easy distinguish
  • Keynotes always fill a complete row

Let’s take a look at some screenshots – here’s an overview page:


Tap on a session opens Session Details page. Peeking back shows the selected session:


Here you only have favorited two sessions in two rooms – the page is adjusted to display only 2 columns for the rooms:


Same overview exists for workshop sessions: you see that there are only 2 sessions a day in each room:


A common problem with such views to be displayed on a smartphone is the limited size. So I tried to find a way to handle this. Overview can be done in Landscape or Portrait – switch back and force as you like. And pinch & zoom allows to see the overview or the details.

Use this overview as an addition to the ListViews – esp while planning your personal conference schedule.

The overview in Landscape:


or zoom in:


Cascades: create complex UI dynamically – performs blazing fast 🙂

How’s this done ?

All is native Cascades – no HTML-Web. All UI Elements are created dynamically while the Page is opened. If you take a look at the details of sessions, rooms, Keynotes, schedule items, timeline, room headers and footers … you can imagine what must be done to create the overview page for a complete day.

As I started developing this overview I wasn’t sure if it will work from a users POV or from performance. I’m really fascinated how fast these UI controls are created – there’s no visible delay, so I removed the Progress Animation I had already prepared.

And be aware – all is bound to an underlying data model. I managed to have data structures in JSON performing very well and easy to develop against with Cascades / Qt.

If you have a BlackBerry 10 Z10 (Touch) or Q10 (Keyboard) or DevAlpha – download the app and try it out. It’s FREE.

If you like it – please write a review at BlackBerry World – if you have requests or other feedback use the built-in feedback action from Application menu.

Some more updates will follow. stay tuned ….

… and see you at EclipseCon Europe or an Eclipse Democamp.

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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