Live and Jam

BlackBerry Live / BBJam

Next week I will be in Orlando at BlackBerry Live – the annual worldwide BlackBerry conference – this year in combination with BBJam Americas Developer Conference.

Seems like the Momentics IDE will get a newer Eclipse inside and some enhancements. Current Momentics IDE is based on Eclipse 3.7. Session JAM22 will provide some news on Momentics. Will blog about when I’m back.

I’m also speaking at 2 Sessions: JAM56 and JAM69.

JAM56 InvocationFramework – the heart of your business apps.

Using InvocationFramework it’s easy to develop cool apps with less coding. My apps (OpenDataSpace, Conference2Go EclipseCon, Conference2Go JAX, SerCar10, ekkes TeaTimer) are all using MediaPlayer, Twitter, Evernote, BBM, Maps, Foursquare, Calendar, Notifications and more. I will explain how this can be done and also have some demos on this – so come and attend JAM56.

The last missing point (Background Services) are coming soon to BlackBerry 10 – Session JAM47 will tell more.

JAM69 Maps in your Apps

Most apps today need some kind of maps, geolocation and more. BlackBerry provides BlackBerry maps with an easy to use API for Cascades / QML. You can invoke BlackBerry Maps from your app or include custom maps directly. At JAM69 I will demo both and explain HowTo use Maps together with different sensors, howto navigate to a destination, howto bind your data and give some tips and tricks.

Q10 – the speedy BlackBerry10 device with physical keyboard

Last months were heavy months for BlackBerry developers: updates to IDE and API and new devices like the Q10 with a physical keyboard.

New API let you work with KeyListeners and ShortCuts (Command Keys) boosting the speed of workflows.

Most apps for touch devices will run on keyboard devices without any changes, but sometimes the Q10 is too fast 😉

I added UNDO functionality to apps because of this: DeleteActions are mapped to the DEL key and now it can happen that a user tipped on this key by accident. I don’t want to ask him/her “Do you really want to delete…” because such a dialog would interrupt the work. Instead I implemented UNDO for this in a seamless way.


read more here.

On touch devices the situation is different because the user has to tap on the Overflow Menu first and then again tap on the delete action. On Q10 all of this can be done simply using the DEL key. Same way you can edit a datarecord using the “e” key, seraching data with “s”, open the Map with “m” … While playing more and more with Q10 I really like this device even with a smaller touch screen: 720×720 instead of 768×1280. API 10.1 has some cool features to give users more space: auto-hiding ActionBars, Sticky / non-Sticky TitelBars, some reduced control sizes and more. will blog on this later.

MDC Nürnberg

If you’re not at BBLive / BBJam – my next conference will be MobileDeveloperConference in Nürnberg, where I will demo HowTo develop a native BlackBerry10 app in one hour. live. code-hacking. no slides.

Trainings and more

If you want to learn HowTo develop for BlackBerry 10, you can attend one of my workshops.

Only less places left for next Cascades workshops from June-10 … June-14.

In next (german) Eclipse Magazin a new part of my series about BlackBerry 10 vs Android 4 will be published.

If you’re going to EclipseCon France – stay tuned – a new update will come for Conference2Go EclipseCon APP !

cu in Orlando

Now looking forward to the conference and meeting developer friends from all of the world and have a great party at Universal Studios including “The Keep Moving Experience” produced by Alicia Keys, Global Creative Director at BlackBerry.

Also as a BlackBerry Elite Developer there are some special events on top 🙂

BlackBerry Elite

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