BBJam Asia Conference App (by ekke)

Following my blog or my tweets you probably know that I like to develop Conference Apps for Developer Conferences.

Have done this last years for EclipseCon, JAX, W-Jax and MTC. Always got 5 – stars from reviews.

I’m attending and speaking at so many developer conferences last 10 years, so I know what’s needed from my own experiences.

The conference I’m attending this week is a special one:

  • first time attending a conference in Asia: BBJam Asia in Hong Kong
  • first time the official BlackBerry branded Conference App is developed by me 🙂

I'm Attending BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

I’m really proud on this: as an Independent Developer from Germany I’ve written the official BlackBerry Conference App for a mobile Developer Conference in Asia. Here’s the official announcement at BlackBerry Developer Blog:

BlackBerry conferences are organized very well and you’ll find some cool features:

  • For each Session you can see the capacity and how many seats are already booked
  • Entering a Session your badge is scanned and automatically you’ll get a reminder to fill out the Session Survey later
  • There’s not only a Schedule of the Sessions you want to attend, you can also bookmark Sessions as interested
  • While the Conference is running you’ll get Event Messages, Event Infos and Event Agenda pushed out as RSS feed
  • … and much more

All these features are available from the Web Access to the conference and now also from inside the mobile Conference App.

… was a real challenge to master all these requirements

If you want to test the APP itself: download from BlackBerry World for free.


Some of the features like Scheduling, Bookmarking are only available if you registered for the Conference and NFC Badge Scanning only after CheckIn at the conference.

Many great teams have worked to make this conference again an awesome BlackBerry Developer conference. Even small things changed: last years filling out Session Surveys from your smartphone was a pain. This year it works much better: from inside your mobile conference app you can open your Session Surveys in a mobile-friendly web-site:


If you have to fill out Session Surveys and don’t remember exactly the session ? Directly from your Session-Survey-Reminder inside the mobile conference app you have access to the corresponding session details !

You’re a Speaker at this conference ? Then you’ll find your own Sessions marked special and of course you cannot remove from your schedule.

This App is only the first step: I will also develop the BBJam Europe Conference App – containing some more features 😉

Please let me know if you’re missing something – I’m always open for this.

Next days / weeks I will blog in detail about this Conference App, because it’s also an App demonstrating what you can do with Cascades on BlackBerry 10 devices. I’m strictly following the UI Design Guide and try to provide best UX.

BBJam Asia 2013 Conference App will run on all Devices: Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30. The App supports the dark and bright theme and on all Touch Devices Landscape and Portrait. Invokation Framework is used to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM, Browser, Maps, Foursquare, Image Viewer and more.

Stay tuned for more developer insights – I will blog about some of the development secrets HowTo develop good looking and performant native apps with Momentics as your Eclipse IDE and Cascades as Framework.

Some screenshots to get a first feeling:









(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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