Mobile First / Mobile Computing: Hype or more ?

Everyone is talking about Mobile First / Mobile Only, Mobile Computing and InternetOfThings (IoT).

Is this only a Hype, dreaming what could be possible in the future or is it already a REAL thing ?

Want to know more ?

See live what you can do NOW ?

I’m presenting at Developer Conference 2013 in Hamburg


Friday, 2013-11-08, 10:00 – 11:00

The Speaker / Presenter


Speaking at ‘normal’ conferences means you’ll have your presentation on your laptop and sometimes you’re fighting with connection to Beamers. Speaking about mobile development you’ll also have one or more Smartphones with you and from time to time you’re fighting with document-cameras to present the mobile content to the Beamer.

What does mobile Computing mean to you as a Speaker at conferences ?

wouldn’t it be cool to let the laptop at home or hotel ? only using your smartphone to present ?

Modern beamer have a HDMI connection and some Smaartphones have a HDMI connector.

Don’t want to fight with adapter, connector, cables ? What about wireless transmission ?

I will demo live what you can do NOW.

The Camera Man


Presenting a Session about Mobile Computing with live demonstration of different mobile workspaces isn’t easy to follow by the audience. So you must find a way to make small things visible: (Miracast Connector, Keyboard, Hub, …)

What about a Camera Man streaming live to the Beamer ?

You don’t have your own Camera Man ?

You have your Smartphone !

See it live in my Session !

The Missing Piece (Where’s the PC ? …Server ? …WebApp ? …)


You got a request by your customer to develop a mobile App where content from the mobile devices will be sent to a Server and made visible on a PC running a WebApp in the Browser.

I will demo a customer application (NFC Game) where all scores will be visible on a big screen, all as Mobile Only running on Smartphones, without an extra Server.

We’ll play this game as live demo and perhaps I can get some hardware for the winners.

Mobile ERP (On-The-Go and In-The-Office)


Still not sure what can be done with Mobile Computing ? Will it work for a mobile ERP solution ?

I will demo some workflows from a business app for Service Cars, where the Car Drivers, the Dispatcher and the Office are using their SmartPhones to manage it all.

On-The-Go mobile workspace


I have some hardware with me to show you how a Servcie Employee at Customer site is working on Orders and sending states to the Office.

The Dispatcher is also working at customer sites, but he has a special ‘On-The-Go Workspace’ inside his car to dispatch Orders and to see where all the Car Drivers are on a Map.

In-The-Office mobile workspace


In-The-Office there’s another kind of ‘mobile’ workspace to manage Orders, Customers, write Invoices, …

Mobile Only Computing NOW


All of this from real-world business apps. In this example its used for small and medium sized service companies without an own IT department, without own Servers. The only ‘computers’ everyone has the knowledge to use are their Smartphones.

Business Apps and IoT

If you think about all of this and add the Internet of Things (IoT) there will be cool workflows possible even for enterprises.

To get some ideas take a look at the demo from this Video

See you in Hamburg at Developer Conference !

It’s a cool location:


the Cinemaxx ! And Yes: there’s also Popcorn 😉

Hopefully this blog is something like an Appetizer to motivate you to see it all live on stage. Here you can get your tickets.

If you cannot make it to the conference I will publish the Slides together with some Videos later when I’m back from Hamburg. So stay tuned. Follow me @ekkescorner on Twitter.

You need Apps like this ? Yes – I’m doing international development of mobile business apps 😉

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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