Speaking about ‘Mobile Computing’: my Session-Setup

This blog is a follow-up to my last one ‘Mobile First / Mobile Computing: only a Hype or more ?

I’m talking about this at Developer Conference 2013 in Hamburg:


If you want to see it all live in Hamburg: I have 2 FREE TICKETS to give away.

Mobile Computing is cool, but a real challenge for the Speaker.

Here’s my setup for the session, so you can imagine what I’ll demonstrate.

The missing PC – setup

I’m demonstrating a customer app (NFC Game) running on BlackBerry10 devices, where the scorelist will be shown on a big screen. Normaly you would use a PC with Browser / WebApp and Server in the back running a MySQL or so.
All of this can be done mobile-only. This is the setup of the workplace with the ‘missing PC’:

The Mobile Workplace – On-The-Go

Here’s what I need to demonstrate what you can do while on-the-go using your mobile:

It’s up to you what you need: perhaps only the small adapter to connect an USB stick. My usecase is for the Dispatcher of a Service Company not only having the smartphone with Hub and more, but also a (wireless connected) 10″ HDMI Monitor inside the ServiceCar to get a better overview where all the other ServiceCar drivers are at the moment.

The Mobile Workplace – In-The-Office

You can also use your mobile Smartphone in your Office: connected to USB keyboard / mouse, Hub, USB HardDisk and big screen:

The Speaker / The Camera Man

As a Speaker I only need my BlackBerry Z30 connected wireless to big Cinemaxx Screens in Hamburg – no laptop needed 🙂

To make all the cool stuff visible, I’m also using the Z30 to stream from the Camera to the big screen so the audience cann see all the small pieces.

If you cannot make it to Hamburg I will blog about this later and also make some videos so you can see it live-in-action whatr you can do NOW for Mobile Comuting / Mobile First / Mobile Only.

Want to discuss about this and other topcs ? Meet me next week at EclipseCon Europe
EclipseCon Europe 2013

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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