Sharks && Roarring Trucks at EclipseCon and MobileTechCon 2014

2013 was a heavy conference year: BBJam in Orlando, BBJam Asia in Hong Kong, EclispeCon Europe, JAX, W-JAX, Developer Conference Hamburg, Developer Week Nürnberg, MDC Hamburg, … to name some of them.

Last event was 2 weeks ago


Eclipse Democamp in Munich, where I demonstrated the new Momentics 2.0 IDE. This was really fun: no one slide, only Live Demo.

Of course the most funny Session was presented by Florian and Klemens: m2m with Sharky:


Sharky isn’t only fun: it’s a real live demo of m2m using many Eclipse Projects, all data via MQTT managed with Beagle Bones, Arduino, Raspberry PI and controlled by a Web UI (Vaadin) or Kinect-like Gestures.

Next events with Sharky:


And there was a dilemma you’ll notice if looking at the scheduled dates: EclipseCon North America and MobileTechCon are happening in the same week.


Presenting Sharky requires much equipment and preparation and minimum of 2 presenters.

EclipseCon was already confirmed before getting the request from MTC. After  some discussions we found a way: I canceled EclipseCon and will be the whole week at MobileTechCon in Munich, where Florian will be the complete week at EclipseCon in San Francisco. Klemens (the hardware guy behind the Beagle Bones, Arduinos, RaspBerry Pi) will help me on Tuesday in Munich, then fly with Sharky on Wednesday to SFO and help Florian on Thursday in San Francisco.

Short overview what’s needed to make Sharky fly controlled via MQTT:


Sharky will also be controlled via a BlackBerry 10 Device in 2014. Stay tuned I will blog about this part later.

In Munich at MobileTechCon Sharky won’t be alone on stage: we’ll also present Trucky:


Sharky already was a challenge, now we’ll top this. This is the usecase:

  • Inside a Truck there’s a RaspBerry Pi connected via USB-CAN-Bus Adapter to the machine
  • All tracked data from CAN-Bus will be transformed into JSON Messages and stored local in MongoDB on RaspBerry Pi
  • There’s also a Bluetooth LE Adapter connected to the RaspBerry Pi.
  • As soon as the Truck Driver enters the cockpit, his BlackBerry 10 Device will connect automagically to RaspBerry Pi
  • Collected data from RaspBerry Pi’s MongoDB will be streamed to the BlackBerry 10 Device via Bluetooth LE
  • BB10 Device then will send out the data via MQTT
  • Web (Vaadin) and mobile (BB10) Dashboards will show the data in a Dashboard

So this is a real business solution (mobile computing) which provides you with a powerful but low-cost solution. You even don’t need an extra SIM card, because we’re using the Driver’s Z10, Z30 or Q10 to send the data and this smartphone is already in-use to manage Work Orders, locate Customers, Track GPS and more:


Screenshot done withHeiko Behrens

To be able to demonstrate the workflow on stage we’re developing a special box:

  • We’re using a CAN-Bus Simulator so we don’t need a real Truck on stage 😉
  • Klemens is hacking the CAN-Bus Simulator, so we can control the Simulator from Web (Vaadin) and mobile (BB 10)
  • Now we can present HowTo switch on/off the lights, start/stop the engine, change rpm, … using Buttons, Slider, … instead of potentiometer on CAN-Bus Simulator board
  • All data to control the Simulator will be sent via MQTT
  • From Dashboard we not only make the data visible – you also can re-play them using Trucky

Trucky is around 40 cm long – but to make visible what happens with trucky on stage, I’ll mount a BlackBerry 10 Device connected to a Tripod as Camera on the Truck. BB10 – Videocamera streamed wireless via Miracast to the big screen, so all in the audience can see what happens.

This is a technic I’m demonstrating in my Mobile Computing Session at MobileTechCon together with some other scenarios from Mobile Computing / Mobile First.

Upcoming Sessions will be fun, but also some work in January and February for Klemens, Florian and me to make it all run perfect.

The remaining time I will continue working on my baas (Backend As A Service) Libraries for BB10 to support Kinvey and Parse. I’m using baas for my ServiceCar Application SerCar10 – but that’s another story.

Read more about Sharky from Florians Blog.

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

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