Sharky, Trucky – the IoT and mobile Computing at MobileTechCon Munich

As I already blogged here, next week I’m speaking at MobileTechCon in Munich:


Trucky and Sharky


You want to know how data collected from Trucks’ CAN-Bus ……


will find the way onto the BlackBerry 10 ?


… and HowTo transmit then via MQTT ?

Learn about MQTT, HiveMQ, Vaadin Web Frontend and why to hack a remote control to get Sharks fly.

Attend the Session on Tuesday: see it all live and get some insights into RaspBerry Pi and more. Klemens – the guy behind the hardware-stuff – will help me to present it all and explain you all the hard details. Of course Sharky will also be there 😉


That’s not the end of the story:

Mobile Computing

What about Mobile Computing ?

On wednesday I will present you some new cool ways to use your smartphone and solve customer requests and use-cases a new way.

See what’s all inside my bag filled with equipment for mobile computing:


Sorry – you have to attend the session to see what’s all inside the bag 😉

See you all next week in Munich !

While I’m at MobileTechCon in Munich, Klemens will travel with Sharky to EclipseCon – happening same week in San Francisco. Florian Pirchner and Klemens Edler will present Sharky there.

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